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  1. The owner bought it second hand too, apparently it had been refurbished prior to him purchasing it. He says he therefore has no proof. There's a couple of big names in the refurbishing industry that do the Tiger smooth finish for Scotties. Don't think he's being dishonest about not knowing if it's authentic. He seemed fairly sure of the person who owned it before that, but looks like there's no way of knowing.
  2. No serial number on the shaft... Could have been reshafted?
  3. Hey all. I recently bought this club off Facebook marketplace and it wasn't cheap. I'm now wondering if I've been sold a fake. The guy selling it also bought it second hand so had no reason to believe it was. It's in pristine condition, looks like it's never been used. There was no mention of whether or not it had been refinished. It looks the part mostly but the face has been made entirely smooth and I know traditionally Scotty's have the characteristic milling. I'd appreciate some opinions and this is my first Scotty and can't seem to find anything on the web. It came with a head cover that certainly looks authentic. Is this just a good counterfeit? Have I been mugged off?
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