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  1. Using the same taylormade bag I got for free from my bank 10yrs ago. It's great. One of the stand legs is about to break, so once that happens I'll probably get the latest ping hoofer and ride that thing out until it's broken too.
  2. Matt Chicago, IL I started walking the majority of my rounds last season when courses couldn't give out carts, and never stopped. I walk unless a course doesn't allow it. I have a BagBoy pull cart and a Caddytek CaddyLight EZ V8 push cart. I pretty much exclusively use the push cart, or will carry if I'm only playing 9 at a local shorter course.
  3. I would love to test this net. I've been thinking about buying one to use indoors with a Skytrak this winter. I have a net return pro in my garage, but it's too big to take inside and use next to my computer, and I don't want to lug my computer out to the garage whenever I want to play sim golf. I was somewhat eyeing this net because of the simulator screen add-on, side extensions, small form factor, and ease of setup/breakdown. First Name/City State: Matt / Chicago, IL Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net: Yes, I have a net return pro that I leave in my garage because it's too big to use inside, and even though it's easy to break down and setup, just feels like too much work to do regularly. I've actually been thinking of getting a smaller, easier to set up net that I can use indoors close to my computer for sim golf. I have two great mats to hit off of as well. Do you use any sort of LM with one: Yes, I have a PRGR and have a Skytrak on order that should arrive at the end of this month.
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