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  1. Matt Chicago, IL I started walking the majority of my rounds last season when courses couldn't give out carts, and never stopped. I walk unless a course doesn't allow it. I have a BagBoy pull cart and a Caddytek CaddyLight EZ V8 push cart. I pretty much exclusively use the push cart, or will carry if I'm only playing 9 at a local shorter course.
  2. I would love to test this net. I've been thinking about buying one to use indoors with a Skytrak this winter. I have a net return pro in my garage, but it's too big to take inside and use next to my computer, and I don't want to lug my computer out to the garage whenever I want to play sim golf. I was somewhat eyeing this net because of the simulator screen add-on, side extensions, small form factor, and ease of setup/breakdown. First Name/City State: Matt / Chicago, IL Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net: Yes, I have a net return pro that I leave in my garage because it's too big to us
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