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  1. I've used Arccos before and Garmin now (no tags). I honestly wish I could combine the two. I don't mind the manually club selection after every shot on my watch, and it never misses a shot. However, the interface and software for Garmin is super disappointing. Arccos though, I had trouble with missed shots and the sensors on the ends of clubs are kind of big, but their app and software is amazing. Their strokes gained calculations are so insightful and they use actual GPS images of the holes for the shot mapping, where as Garmin has a Microsoft Paint rendering of the hole. Honestly I'd pay the $100 a year subscription if to Arccos to just ingest the data from my watch and provide their software interface for it.
  2. Did you notice a significant improvement in reducing the missed shot rate with the Link? I used arccos with my phone and it felt like it missed nearly 50% of shots at times.
  3. Brian from West Orange, NJ iPhone 12 pro Outdoors Yes
  4. Brian, West Orange, NJ I've never used a hitting net I do not currently have a launch monitor but I'm actively looking.
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