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  1. Update to my new ball story. I went on an overnight golf trip with 3 buddies this weekend and they were fortunate enough to witness my first ever ace. 155 yards with a 9 iron. The ball landed about a yard past the hole and spun back into it. Now, I'm not saying the new ball was the reason for my ace but if the folks at TaylorMade would like a testimonial, I would be happy to oblige (for the right price, of course)
  2. I have 110mph driver speed and have been playing various high compression balls in order to maximize my driver distance. I have a high trajectory and I out drive all my buddies... but they usually have an easier time finding their balls. I've also lost about 1 club of yardage in my irons over the past couple of years. I just chalked it up to getting older...I'm 56. After seeing the latest ball test I had an epiphany. The high compression balls only give you an advantage off the driver, as long as you put a good swing on it. The irons are the equalizer. The ball doesn't know what club is hitting it. It only knows how hard it's being hit. I went out and bought a dozen TM Tour Response and played 18 with them today. My driver trajectory was lower, I hit more fairways, and my iron yardages are back to where they were before. I shot 80 which included a quad bogey (I made a mess in a bunker). This ball test is probably the best thing that's happened to my game since cavity back irons were invented.
  3. I just spent the last week researching nets online and was about to pull the trigger on the Spornia but I decided to save some money and build one myself in the garage using a net I bought on ebay. Still waiting for the net to arrive but I would love to give the Spornia a try. I have used launch monitors but don't currently own, however I'm considering getting one as a Christmas present to myself. My goal is to 'perfect' my iron game over the winter so I'm ready to throw darts come Spring time.
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