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  1. One word..."Armlock". Or is that two words?
  2. I picked up a used Ping Rapture 7 wood last year to replace my 21* hybrid that I had a love/hate relationship with. It goes about 225 for me and I probably hit it better than any other club in my bag. Never had a 7 wood before but I can't see this one leaving my bag.
  3. Yep...I got a couple of my playing buddies to switch also and they saw the same improvement I did. In hindsight, I probably should have kept my mouth shut....:)
  4. I've had a bit of an epiphany about golf balls over the last year and have come to the conclusion that there is a very tiny percentage of golfers who will benefit from playing a "premium" ball...including the high swing speed guys. In my opinion, only golfers who can consistently (and intentionally) work the ball left and right...and have the ability to precisely control spin on the green have any business playing pro level balls. I've been a weekend golfer for about 35 years and can think of maybe one person that I've met who fits this description. My driver SS averages 110mph. I've always been long, and I've always been erratic off the tee. AND I've always gravitated toward the higher compression premium balls because that's what is recommended for my swing speed. Last summer I switched to a lower compression ball and the results were immediate and astounding. I started hitting my driver straighter. I DID NOT NOTICE ANY DECREASE IN DISTANCE OFF THE TEE. Where I did notice a difference is that I was about one club longer with my irons. I could also tell a difference in spin around the green. My chips tended to roll out more than I was accustomed to but that's an easy adjustment to make. Just my observations but maybe I can help save some people some money and also reduce the stigma of not playing a Pro V1.
  5. I've grown fond of the TaylorMade Tour Response...immediately after scoring my first ever Ace earlier this year.
  6. I use a Callaway Mini 1.5 @ 16*. I rarely hit my 3 wood off the deck. I only use it for holes too short or tight for my driver. It has a larger head and is easier to hit and more forgiving that a regular 3 wood.
  7. Update to my new ball story. I went on an overnight golf trip with 3 buddies this weekend and they were fortunate enough to witness my first ever ace. 155 yards with a 9 iron. The ball landed about a yard past the hole and spun back into it. Now, I'm not saying the new ball was the reason for my ace but if the folks at TaylorMade would like a testimonial, I would be happy to oblige (for the right price, of course)
  8. I have 110mph driver speed and have been playing various high compression balls in order to maximize my driver distance. I have a high trajectory and I out drive all my buddies... but they usually have an easier time finding their balls. I've also lost about 1 club of yardage in my irons over the past couple of years. I just chalked it up to getting older...I'm 56. After seeing the latest ball test I had an epiphany. The high compression balls only give you an advantage off the driver, as long as you put a good swing on it. The irons are the equalizer. The ball doesn't know what club is hitting it. It only knows how hard it's being hit. I went out and bought a dozen TM Tour Response and played 18 with them today. My driver trajectory was lower, I hit more fairways, and my iron yardages are back to where they were before. I shot 80 which included a quad bogey (I made a mess in a bunker). This ball test is probably the best thing that's happened to my game since cavity back irons were invented.
  9. I just spent the last week researching nets online and was about to pull the trigger on the Spornia but I decided to save some money and build one myself in the garage using a net I bought on ebay. Still waiting for the net to arrive but I would love to give the Spornia a try. I have used launch monitors but don't currently own, however I'm considering getting one as a Christmas present to myself. My goal is to 'perfect' my iron game over the winter so I'm ready to throw darts come Spring time.
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