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  1. Great condition Shot Scope V3. Used for approximately one season. All original items and packaging included. Charger not pictured, but most certainly included (just forgot. No defects or issues). Wonderful peice of technology, but found that I am personally a range finder player. Two of the tags have lost their built in screw mechanism (8i and 5i), but both still function and can either be taped on ( like me!) or substituted for two of the other 16 tags included and relabeled in the app. Additionally, Shot Scope also sells replacement tags. $130 includes shipping (retails $219.00)
  2. Looking forward to being a tester for these balls. Had tried them a few years back, but would love the chance to get another look
  3. Chicago,IL I've got a garage with space, but so far no hitting net. Been in the market for one and following closely to see if testers would be needed. No LM as of current.
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