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  1. I've been playing the Bridgestone Tour B RXS for a couple of years now and totally love the balls (2020 Balls). Now comes the 2022 balls with a new cover that lacks the spin, distance and feel of the older ball. I spent lots of dollars looking for this ball and now to do it all over again....wth.
  2. Paid the $ for a sleeve and paid $6.99 for 3 addition balls. Hit the first ball yesterday off the t and the ball had some crazy left to right movement and then back to the left...wasn’t longer by any means but acceptable....had a 7 iron into the green and the ball duck hooked down hard...geez, what’s going on, dropped one of my reg balls and hit it on the green.....I asked my playing partner to hit the ball as he went for his and it went with the crazy movement again.......it was like a loaded trick ball...bagged them up and hit them into the lake when I got home.....guess they would have been fun to give the competition...save your money....
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