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  1. I am definitely the same way. I’m not very good, but the thicker soles and top lines make a club feel almost out of control. I don’t want the blade to be super short, but I do like the thinnest sole and top line I can get. It was the #1 thing I looked for at the last demo day I went to with multiple manufacturers.
  2. You were offered those lofts in a fitting? I would say go with that. It seems like you may be on the line of which one is better so it’s a toss up. I don’t think anyone can give you feedback online better than a simulator or use data.
  3. I used to work at a range doing light club building and we would build long drive clubs with heads we bought from golf world. That was the early days of graphite and I think it was a fully bright yellow Aldila (don’t remember the model now) shaft that was around 50 inches that we would put in on request. Those clubs would launch. The knock off clubs from the 90’s/2000’s were just better than they are today and were viable options.
  4. Chris Joplin, Mo I have used a net in the past for tournament prep, but do not currently use one aside from simulator use. I have purchased a Mevo for use indoors.
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