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  1. like ot try homa driver
  2. I need some spikeless shoes. Most players where I am playing have made the switch but I have not yet but looking to get some. Thanks
  3. Hi all Pat here; love the mallet putter and the only style I use now. Sign me up to test the Tommy Armour Number 3's Mallet putter Currently use the Taylor Made TP style mallet. I will give it a good work out here in Henderson NV
  4. hi love to be a tester, i play minimum of 2 rounds /week 8 handicap pat henderson, nv titleist no real experience with top flites
  5. Love to try your nets. I have been using nets for years, typically the store bought ones like yours last 3-4 months but seem to always wear out and balls go through, I have went through a bunch of these. I have switched to a more industrial net purchased from networldsports.com and made it adjustable for rotation of hitting area. Seems to help a lot but my current net is not easy to set up. I have a "Golf Achiever" launch monitor and average 145 MPH ball speed. Cheers Pat
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