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  1. Tried both in different clubs, but not a fan of the 2.0. The Tour AD IZ is incredible; now game it in my 5 wood (Epic Flash). I've seen the 2.0 used by a tour pro or two, however I'm certain the Tour AD IZ is played - PGA and LPGA - by a factor of 5 or so. I follow the WITB (What's In The Bag) pretty closely, and the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ seems very poplar, especially in FWs and hybrids. Agree with Pkc, highly personal, but tour play (adjusting weight and stiffness for SS) provides good pointers to some of the shaft designs that have 'nailed it'.
  2. As an older golfer (65, 85+ mph ss) I focus on LPGA players. My biggest recent surprise was trying an Epic Flash Sub Zero fairway wood 3+ (set at 14.5 degrees) with a Fuji Speeder V 60-S shaft and find big distance and accuracy gains. Surprised I tried it, and a very happy outcome with a new gamer. My current Mavrik 10.5 driver shaft is Fuji Ventus blue 5-S. After humbly accepting my SS these high quality Japanese shaft (5 Wood = Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 5 S) have been godsends to my game.
  3. Doug | Woodside | CA I would love to be a tester. I've only periodically used a net before, e.g., at courses or a friend's home. Coincidentally I've just ordered - not even received yet - both a launch monitor and Super Speed Golf Training system based largely on MGS articles and reviews. So even though I live in (relatively) sunny CA a net would be a great addition right now.
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