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  1. Bailey Maberto Reno, NV Bridgestone E12 Soft I have used top flight balls before but have fallen victim to my ego due to the fact they are looked at as horrible balls. Although i will use them for possible hazard shots, hearing that they have made a new and improved ball that keeps up with the other name brands interesting to see. Would be great to try as the price aligns with people like myself who often let a few balls get away through a round.
  2. Bailey Maberto Reno, NV I have never owned a hitting net but have been highly considering one as the weather in Reno doesn’t allow for full-year play due to snow. A hitting net would allow me to consistently swing regardless of the year to ensure no off-season rust. I don’t have a launch monitor so this net would mainly be used for finding and repeating swing feels. I feel like if i can keep it straight into the net and feeling good off the face, this net would be very helpful in the offseason.
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