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    Currently? the stock market, guitar, golf, molecular biology, quicklime, and industrial clay. This will change every few months.

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I took lessons and played golf (occasionally) as a kid growing up in Columbus, OH mostly to please my dad who grew up caddying in Michigan and played every weekend the Central Ohio courses were open.  I moved to Arizona in the mid-90's and continued playing golf mostly for customer entertainment (I am in sales).  I hated golf.  I changed companies around the time my third child was born in 2005.  The new company/customers weren't much into golf and my weekends no longer belonged to me, so I stopped playing.  I didn't even pick up a golf club again until 2019 when I changed companies again.  The new company/customers are very much into golf, so I was being automatically entered into scrambles, about 2/month. I did not want to embarrass myself, so I dug out my hand-me-down Ping Eye 2's from the back of the garage (now with plastic grips, which is what 15yrs in an AZ garage does to rubber) and starting going to the driving range again. 'Just try to hit it soft and straight - half swings' was my mantra, much different from my younger 'aim 45-deg left and crush it, who gives a s*** where it goes!; and keep plenty of balls in your bag.'  I was pleasantly surprised that my (half) swing wasn't a horror show. At least I was making decent contact with the ball and contributing some to the scramble teams. 

Then The Virus hit.  The gyms shut down. The golf courses stayed open.  I decided to make golf my primary form of exercise and started going to the range daily, hitting at least 100-balls. Improvements initially came, but I knew that these improvements were band-aids to a fundamentally unsound swing. I decided to commit to developing a good golf swing for the first time in my life. I took slow-motion videos of myself and would play it side-by-side with Tiger's swing and it looked like I was playing a different sport (not a surprise).  I took a few lessons, including one on the RoboGolf machine which taught me the proper swing path (but not which muscle groups control it), and watched every golf instructional video on YouTube.  I ditched the Eye2's and got fitted for Ping G410's (Mizuno's were out of stock) along with a hybrid and a 410LST driver.  By late summer I started getting good.  I bought a Garmin launch monitor to track my progress and get feedback on mis-hits.  Eventually, my speeds, smash, carry distances and trajectories are almost in-line with the PGA averages and I looked like a golfer for the first time in my videos.

So here I am now completely addicted to a game I still hate on some days.  Even though my G410's are almost 6-months old, I am ready to switch over to player irons for better control and consistency.  And at some point, I am going to learn how to putt.

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