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  1. Sounds interesting. What are you thinking?
  2. Resuscitating this thread as I have the same question. For those that carry...is there a strap system that works better than others? I have an Ogio and I'm not thrilled.
  3. My take, from virtually same position as you (age, ability, newfound desire to improve, coaching). I have been lucky to have a coach I can go see about every three weeks, and have been doing so for almost a year. He has tamed my gorilla swing to something far more controlled and consistent. It has been hard. What a great way to learn about muscle memory, the body's desire to repeat actions in spite of your brain's desire to do something different. I needed to learn how to roll my wrists, swing inside out, drop my hands, on and on. Gaining consistency across all these changes has been a long, long road. Coach does this without tech, but I try and add that other places (real feedback away from his expertise). All this to say, what I started out as thinking was a few lessons has lasted a long time. My focus now is on the process and not all on the outcome. This is hard stuff. I'll know when I have reached my goal.
  4. I actually find the Maxfli Tour surprisingly good, for 24 balls/$55 (last years model).
  5. If still available I'll take the SZ and the Aldila. I think I own your old Cobra Tour's as well.
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