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  1. I am curious if anybody has bit on the Tours. They certainly caught my eye, but I haven't had a chance to swing one yet. I have the 2017 Tours and am curious how they compare.
  2. Getting back to this, my vote is Raintree, but any of the three will work.
  3. I'm going with planning an event to Scotland. Prove me right!
  4. I played Royal American last fall. It's a nice track, I thought in decent shape but not extraordinary. It has had some negative reviews in the past years but signs are it's picking up (new owners as of this year). I certainly enjoyed playing there. If it's on the short list, for a short time you can get 'punch tickets' that drop the cost a bit. I could get those, and would make the round less than $50.
  5. I played 9 today on an extraordinary 70 degree day March 1. April should be in the 80's, right? Lets go!
  6. Looks good. Never heard of it.
  7. I enjoy Trout Club over there. Quite a few good tracks in that area.
  8. I’d enjoy joining where I can. Columbus area.
  9. This forum is taking improving seriously. Thanks all for your efforts, and welcome new mod-like leaders!
  10. Thanks Samson. I should say that I had selected a-shaft, am looking between 45-55g, but there are a pretty solid selection of shafts there, some uplift some standard. I was going to select the riptide and then read the CB might not be optimal. I’m wondering if any of you shaft ho’s can look and provide insight. weak tip is key?
  11. I'm looking at the PXG GEN5 0311 driver (7.5 degree) that is on sale, and curious which shafts most closely match the Otto goals. I was initially going for the Riptide CB 50, but it looks like that isn't necessarily optimal. Also, 46"? (I usually play +1.2").
  12. I replace every time one ends up in the water, or deep in the woods.
  13. It’s a Swiss thing. To do things, they expect a certain amount of training to be taken. as someone once described to me, in Switzerland the laws tell you what you can do, while in the US the laws tell you what you cannot. not sure how accurate that is, but it felt correct!
  14. McGolf is highly recommended. He did a great fitting for me, very comprehensive. Watch his Youtube channel.
  15. As a non-club builder I am also curious. The PXG price and having it built seems a great way to check this out. Will these shafts make it happen? The PXG can be 9 degree btw.
  16. I have several pairs of shorts and they are great quality. I'd buy again.
  17. Great review. At the edge of 60 I’m trying to convince myself to try something more forgiving. This was a good push.
  18. An incredibly readable write up on a very technical topic. Following.
  19. I agree. I'm taking these to a fitting. Its an excuse to head down to see @mcgolf
  20. They showed up today. Now I need to see how they work for me. Weird to buy clubs from Costco. Feels like I’m buying a commodity of some sort.
  21. Well I ordered a set and they are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I figured they wouldn't last long. Not sure they are for me, but its Costco and I can return, right?
  22. I am good either way. Hoping @MaxEntropy gets over covid quickly.
  23. It is here in my neighborhood. Hoping I get to play there someday, but I better putt better than I did yesterday.
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