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  1. That is quite an improvement in just a few months! Be proud of it!
  2. Looking forward to seeing the reviews on this one!
  3. That is super lame how the courses aren’t rated for women or aren’t rated for women at the tees you play. I think that could ultimately push women away from playing and they need to change that! I’m in!!! My bigger goal is to play more this year and hoping that with playing more and more practice, that will just come along as well.
  4. I’ve had shoes with BOA before and really liked it. It’s nice to be able to quickly adjust or tighten as needed. My only issue is sometimes the location of the wheel because if that part of the shoe is stiffer, it might bother me
  5. Yes!!! I’ve been happy with FootJoy shoes at least. For gloves, they don’t even make the same different versions for women that they make for men for many brands. And I’m a women’s small in gloves so there are no men’s gloves small enough for me to get the men’s versions. I have no problem with smaller sizes of the current men’s options. I have had trouble finding gloves that are comfortable and perform well but also last.
  6. My husband bought me a starter set for our anniversary 11 years ago. Threw me in the deep end and took me out on a course after just a couple visits to the driving range. Somehow it stuck and I’m still playing. Only play a couple times a month right now but hoping to get back to playing more! I agree with some of the other posts that the sales from PGA Superstore can be great for clothes…they have more variety than a lot of smaller places. It can be hard to find a variety of women’s clothing options, especially in a variety of sizes. I have been loving Puma and Adidas clothing!
  7. Gloves!!!! There are so many more options for men than for women. Some of my favorites aren’t made anymore and spending anywhere from $15-$30 per glove to try adds up.
  8. I’m excited for more women to join in the conversation. I also play men’s clubs with a light or senior or soft regular flex (all the same depending on brand). I was actually recently talking to someone k was golfing with about I wish they’d do away with the mens vs women’s clubs and just have the different shaft weight and lengths.
  9. I have been playing golf for almost nine years. My husband bought me a started set for our anniversary one year and I actually stuck with it. I love getting to see so many beautiful places and the challenge with every round. I'm from California and have played lots of different courses.
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