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  1. I've wanted to try this unit but haven't gotten around to having time!! I've have an i phone 8 iOS 14.2 and will be getting an i phone 12 I'm a First Tee coach and this product would be awesome to use with my students. Instant gratification and this would make lessons so much easier to teach students. The facility that I teach @ has 3 nets with more than adequate distance for unit to register. I would be using it outdoors/indoors. We have a heated outdoor range so this would work awesome! Keith, Valparaiso, Indiana
  2. Keith...Valparaiso, Indiana yes , I’ve used a hitting net years ago but got discouraged very soon after getting bcuz it was very awkward to set up!! Did not use a LM with it cuz didn’t have one.. would be interested in testing a new net as I now have a small LM and the inside room to set up in the basement.
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