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  1. Have you tried the evenflow blue in the driver as well, or what was the reasoning not to?
  2. Hi all. Fitstly, ideally I would get fit, but currently am unable to do so, so am looking to just do a little trial and error. Looking for thoughts on the project x evenflow blue in both my driver and 3 wood. (Currently have it in my 3 wood and works well.) May seem a silly question but is ok to use exactly the same make of shaft in my driver, (but just lighter and longer in this case.)? Or would it be a better idea to first try a EF BLACK with a little less launch and spin bias? my 3 wood is EF blue, 6.0 75g, so am looking at EF blue 6.0 65g. Intrested to to see if anyone else has had success with these shafts and if anyone has used the same shafts in the driver and woods. many thanks.
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