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  1. Greetings fellow golfers. I am a 22 handicap (like we all think, I should be lower) but I get into good grooves, and my tee game has been good the last few years. I do notice that with these new big head drivers (I play a M1 460CC driver) and the ability to "program" them, I have benefited from teeing the ball up higher on some holes. I do not do it all the time, because I can't maintain that consistent a swing on every hole, plus, some holes do not call for a super high launch. Hope this helps
  2. Geez, I fell for the $1.00 deal also; now I have to watch for other billings. I will say when I called to cancel that monthly subscription, I did get a live person, and she did send me an email confirming the cancellation. How could all of us smart guys fall for this. and, yes, the ball does look cheesey.
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