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  1. Not sure how far you are from Fairfax County VA. But some of the county run public courses have indoor simulators, I think Pinecrest is one. Never tried it, but I saw them on their page when booking a tee time.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I decided to go for it and got the sx400. Excited to try it. I was surprised by the thickness of it, but like it from the demo. Think it will be great to put in the cart cup holder then throw in my pocket. From your answers I think this will give me a good line to the green. The last course I played had two semi dog leg shots over a hill. I realized too late I didn't study the map when I tee'd off, so it was a total guess which way the green was. Needless to say one was a good shot but was no where near the right direction. I think using trees and markings on
  3. Is the sx400 helpful for shot direction on blind shots? Not just distance? I'm torn between the sx400 or the garmin s62, the one thing I'd really like is help on total blind shots. I end up in bad spots a lot and for when going to a new course that's hilly and the green is over or up a hill and I have no idea the direction of the green. From reading everything I could find it seems the sx400's dynamic holeview might be a help? The Garmin s62 has a compass "pinpointer" that points to the pin. Thanks,
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