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  1. Alright, so not the mixed bag I was hoping for. In almost all other sports its a compliment to be described as strong, powerful, etc... I guess there isnt much room for that in a gentlemans game. @DPattGolf brought up a very interesting point. I never thought to look at proportions along with transition speed, but it makes total sense. Maybe a slower/smoother backswing coupled with a slower tempo will give a more effortless look.
  2. Any jedi would shoot go 18 or 18 with hawkeye. Any sith lord would use the jedi mind trick to convince us they shot one stroke better.
  3. To play devils advocate here, even if risk of injury and longevity were the same no one would want a powerful looking swing? Do you think the effortless style is something youre "born with" or players learn to swing like that?
  4. Everyone has either played with or seen these two completely different types of players. First, the person who looks like they are taking a practice swing but then watch the ball rocket off of his 7i club face and end up 180+ yards down the fairway. Secondly, the person who takes their backswing then proceeds to swing their club so fast you hear the air tearing and the ball whimper before contact. Both are equally impressive for polar opposite reasons. Both swings are mechanically sound, with distance, dispersion, and accuracy all being equal. Which swing would you rather have?
  5. Ive heard it both ways, I think its a regional thing. Just like some slang, all depends on where youre from. @Shapotomous explained it perfectly. But I wonder as one gets more consistent with ball striking, will the GI/SGI iron yardage be as consistent as a more player oriented iron. This is a great thread by the way, I love talking strategy and the thought process that goes into the game.
  6. Ive always referred to this as "clubbing up." It follows the exacty situation you guys are talking about. Just because you hit your 7i 160 when you pure it, doesnt mean youll pure it every time. Do you think this concept is club head design specific to players distance and better players irons? With GI or SGI irons there is the possibility to get that one ball that travels 10-15 yards past whatever the specified distance for that club is.
  7. Got into the game seriously the past fall. My main goal is to break 100 by the end of the summer. Steps ill take to accomplish this are: 1. Take lessons to build a solid, consistent swing. 2. Improve core strength, shoulder and hip mobility. 3. Play a lot of golf baby!!
  8. She is pretty nervous about actually playing 9 or 18 so getting onto the course will be the test to see if she enjoys it. Yup! Lessons all the way.
  9. Hey @tony@CIC I know it was a while ago but I found your write up on the c300s very informative and interesting! Thats awesome you two share multiple hobbies. I beleive thats key to a healthy relationship even outside of golf! Thats a great set up you and your friends have! Might have to borrow that, we tend to get a bit to competative sometimes. Things tend to get a little wild when fireball is involved.
  10. Im hoping positive reinforcement in the form of a starbucks latte after a round or range session will help her catch the bug. There is no way Id try to give instruction with the current state of my game(trying to break 100). Id give advice went asked, with a very strong disclaimer. I find that truly awesome, why be batman and robin when you both can be batman.
  11. I agree 100%. She has to want to and whats the point if its not fun... Its crazy how fast someone can get the golfing bug. Same thing happened with my pops now wife. She just plays for fun, doesnt keep score and can keep up with him. Hes a 14 handicap.
  12. Ive experienced a package dropping off the radar and randomly showing up on the doorstep. Hopefully thats the case for your TSi3, and sooner rather than later. Sometimes it feels like this guy is handling the mail...
  13. I want to hear how you guys got your significant others into the game or vice versa! Im just getting serious about golf, got fitted, have lessons scheduled and have played a round a week for the past 2 months with range time in between. My girlfriend saw this and has been hinting at getting started as well. Took her to the range and out of the 30ish balls she hit, more than half had a baby draw on them!! I was floored as my good days are when I can hit the majority of them straight. Her parents are retired and gold damn near everyday in Florida and offered to pay for her clubs and lessons as well. Now I just have to worry about her surpassing me.
  14. Luckily, the club was fine. No visable cracks or kinks, but still felt the need for long sleeves and eye protection on the first full swing. I guess theres a trade off. Late and delivered by blue hair girl(not necessarily a bad thing), or on time with a mild heart attack.
  15. Covid has everything running as efficient as a 3 wheeled car. I feel for you guys and the people working. Luckily I havent had anything delayed but did receive a 3 wood, shipped USPS, with the box looking like it went a couple rounds with mike tyson. I was a bit worried.
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