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  1. So most of the time I am on a cart, thus a cart Bag, but at the Range and travel I want a good stand bag. Issue is most of the Stand Bags have legs that extend out too far to mount in the Golf Cart. What do you folks suggest as best of both worlds ?? I tried the bag Boy Chiller and its really a no go on the Cart as the leg mount sticks out a good 1" to 1.5 "from bag body, and those that have a foot don't work well either. Really don't want to have 2 bags but it just may have to happen. Thoughts - Suggestions
  2. Steve - Travelers Rest/Greenville SC IOS XP, Ipad Both indoors and out and at the range, 12 month season here would be grateful to test and report out on unit response and accuracy
  3. I think the whole process is very subjective to the swing and personal capabilities, $$$ fittings are not the only answer though, been there done that and hated what was right at that moment of time down the road. What really matters to me is what I see when I look down, how it hits the ball when I put a good swing on it AND - BIG AND - How will they hold up after 1-2 seasons of golf. After several sets of Mizuno's I will not go back because they rust, you can clean them - Dry them and still rust. I want sustainability, I want good feel, I want to be able to look at them after a year with no
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