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  1. Anyone knows if this still functions in some way? I don't have an Android phone and on Iphone I can't seem to get it working, the app just doesn't exist anymore? Any ideas to get it working?
  2. Hi everyone Let me start off with agreeing to the 90% of you, your bag should be based on fitted equipment! I'm only a HCP 26, so equipment for me is also not the important thing right now, getting a consistent hit is! However, recommendations are still usefull. My bag: - I'm rocking the (fitted) Titleist AP1 irons, but only 6 through to P wedge - I love my Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie with an oversized Super Stroke grip. - Long hitting, my trusted partner (yes, I'm deeply in love with it) is the Srixon Z-F85 3-wood (standard grip & shaft) (200-220m/220-240yards)
  3. Hi Guys! New member from Belgium/Antwerp region... (Don't see much Belgium-related topics here??) How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing since 2017, so still working on a consistent and average game. (And not losing too much balls) What do you love about golf? I LOVE this game since the first time I was introduced with it. It's a perfect combo of technical skills/precision/force, and on the other hand the nature, peace and calmness, concentration and tactical game. I also love it because the game is nev
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