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  1. Absolutely! Love that you found it in the end! Im still not sure if this is the one, I bought one on eBay today and will try it out but also asked McGregor what their most recent model on this and hope to get an answer from them on that. But this sport, and maybe even more the equipment sometimes, is fantastic!
  2. Exactly! And ive spent hours and hours and have never really found a topic or a thread with large blade putters, when u can see they are really big. It is hard for sure. My concern about it all is that I don’t find any new ones either that could match up this version, since the one I tested was new-ish and definitely not used and 20+ y old. But I am so happy that I am one step closer to finding it!
  3. Thanks everyone for the inputs! According to the pictures it was not that big, it was a bladeshape putter. And thank you @Kansas Kingwhen i googled the Macgregor Response putter and found this review my eyes went wide open haha: When he holds it in the end of the video it definietly ring a bell of that massive clubhead and as he says, super stable. I'm on it right now trying to find a new version similar to this (lots of old ones on ebay) in left hand and will order one to see if it could be the one. I am so thankful for this lead haha! According
  4. Thank you for adding to my topic! That is true that it might be too less of information, sorry for that. I am sort of aware of most of brands out there except the really unknown one, but i still recognized this brand and thought to myself "haven't seen this brand on putters for a while" but still recognize it as a known brand. So thats why i said Mizuno, Cobra, Adams, Mcgregor etc that you still see once in a while but not as usual as Odyssey, scotty, Taylormade, ping for example. You're right in tank models is more about weight. But maybe I should change it to, long head(that
  5. Hi, I am struggling with a thing that obsessed me and a friend for so long. Two years ago we were in a golf shop trying out diff putters and we came across a sort of large stable blade putter that felt super balanced and solid . It was (as we remembered it) larger(longer) head, It was not a tank model. After that we went on trying drivers and forgot about it until we both started remembering how nice it was. We have asked the store and they don’t recall the specific one. Now I need your guys help! What large blade putters do you guys know from not so common putters brand th
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