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  1. I'm sure 14 way is very popular these days. I can certainly see the benefits of organization and being able to quickly identify a missing club. My issue is that I have MCC Midsize grips with 4 extra wraps of tape. The diameter makes it almost impossible to get them in and out of a 14 way bag when on the back of a golf cart. I am very happy with my C130 5 way. And I am careful to remember to exactly which clubs go in which slot so it's easy to note one missing. I'll agree with most everyone that full length dividers are very helpful. Of course my stand bags also have 5 way tops.
  2. Wesley / GA USA 23 Ping G25 150
  3. Wesley in Atlanta GA 24 Ping G25 JPX900 Hot Metal I've really been wanting to do a comparison between G25 and JPX 900
  4. Very intrigued by this potter's performance in the 2015 Most wanted. Wesley Slone Atlanta Georgia Ping B60 BeCu is the current gamer.
  5. Awesome new driver! First club in the staff bag would be a 16 degree XTD fairway wood. Actually I guess it would be the new Yes! Callie MB since I already own that amazing putter.
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