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  1. When I add pictures they show up sideways? How do I rotate them?
  2. We just got our first Subaru in Jan. I drove a 2007 Acura MDX and after 210,00 miles it was time for something new. The MDX’s are close to $56,000 so we looked for something else and the new Outback Onyx fit the bill and was $20,000 less. Only have 9300 miles on it but so far we love it.
  3. I use a site called GreensKeeper.org it’s mainly focused in Southern California but does cover Arizona , Nevada ,southern Utah and nor cal this site is great for recent course reviews and general golf info they also have outings at great courses at good prices anyone else have a site they recommend
  4. I would like to be a tester Steve Diamond bar ca i play Bridgestone e12 soft and have not played top flight balls
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