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  1. I still hit a 1981, Ping Eye 1-iron, but only off the tee, for tight fairways. I used to be able to hit it off the deck, but not anymore. I used it between my 3 & 5 wood, but if I nutted it, I could get more distance than 3 wood. That was the benefit of the Ping Eye. Hit it right and it took off.
  2. I think I’m seeing the light. Warmish evening here so played 9 with new irons. First PW I teed off with I stuck into the ground … killed my arthritic hands. But 2nd shot felt truly great. As a matter of fact, I’m really liking them. I hit them at least as far as my old Apex Pro, but the forgiveness on my misses (toe) puts the old irons to shame. I was on the green in regulation 5-6 times, and I’m hitting the same distances … it’s cooler out there so I think I’ll get even better distances in spring. I’m really aware of how tall I stand, which is what I wanted for back relief. The 4H hits with just as soft a feel as irons … although I’m certain that my old 4H flies further. But I like the new one so much I’m considering ordering a 3H. So with only 9 holes under my belt, I’m beginning to really like them. I hit 6 & 7 irons well, but haven’t hit the 5, SW or GW yet. I have had a gap in my distances cuz I don’t have a GW, so looking forward to trying it.
  3. I’m in the middle of my TPI Power 2 certification and that’s what they said they now do. That’s why I mentioned it. Amazed me. Shaft weight is independent of swing speed. They start light & increase weight until they see diminishing returns, and then stick with last best speed. They said they have a standard 4 weights they try and anyone will find one of those weights to be gold standard for their specific swing characteristics.
  4. Just an FYI … A gorilla is strong, but not fast. A gazelle is fast but not strong. Be a gorzella my friend. Balance strength training with speed training. As a matter of fact, performing one then the other, increases your twitch muscle fibers, which u use for speed.
  5. Eureka! That’s what I’ve been looking for. Thx RB. Just an aside … Titleist studies show that it is not only finding the appropriate shaft for a golfer, but then tweeking it by testing 4 shaft weights of that same shaft, in order to find the one that affects swing speed most. It is one of the first things they look at for increasing swing speed thru equipment.
  6. It is quite evident now, that I am not able to swing well because of leg weakness, balance … and mental game . So going thru PT will get me back to a more stable base. Aside from that, I fully believe my swing can get better. Otherwise there would be no golf instruction industry … and I would have wasted years & lots of money studying it. There is a lot to be said for fixing your misses thru fitting, but I think I should fix the swing first, then get fit … I might be wrong. That’s why I asked. We will see how a driver fitting goes next week. I may be singing a new tune.
  7. Just got back from a PT screening. I knew I had leg strength & balance issues from a TPI screening, just didn’t kno how bad it was. As you age most people develop balance issues. And on hilly surfaces, balance it a big factor. I went to PT because I’m feeling C-spine weakness developing and wanted to nip it in the bud … but then they found major range of motion issues in feet & legs. I’m visiting my son in GA next week, and the local repair shop does driver fittings for $75. I’m gonna do it at least see what shaft differences there are. Can’t afford a new driver with the other clubs I want, but I might be able to afford a new shaft.
  8. Looks like I didn’t change my club profile I bought standard woods in May, because I knew modern tech would help me. I’m playing TSi3 1-3-5w & 2-3h. And yes I hit the driver 40yds further than my 27yr old driver. I kno fitting will help. I like y’all’s answers … yes I am cheap, but my wife would disagree. She gives me hell over each new golf purchase. Maybe I’m not cheap, but just afraid of my wife. I like the idea of fitting in steps. So I realize that I asked the question wrong … the issue for me is, why get fit while my swing is changing. I’m a certified instructor with mental swing issues. I am a range player right now. I kno it’s a flat surface … my course is hilly, but I can stripe them on the range, pitch perfectly, putt well, until I get on the course and then I fall apart. So if I can get out of my head, I will get better. Duh. Just had a revelation … … if I’m good at the range, I should be good at a fitting. Dummy. Thanks for your time y’all. You have helped me.
  9. Maybe I should have asked “When to fit?” Short background, I’m 64 and this is my first year back after 14 years … got a new knee. The first 3 months I had difficulty with being out of energy after just 6 holes. I ended the season playing 36 holes twice a week. So I’ve gotten stronger. I think my handicap went from 25 to 18. I’ve broken 40 several times, but my bad back always cause the wheels to fall off for 4-5 holes … I never have 2 good 9s back to back. I am capable of shooting 39-55 or 55-39 … neither side has an advantage. I win 2-4 skins a week. ……. Geezsh, this is such a long winded setup … get to the point already. Now, here’s my conundrum: I do not think it is smart for me to get clubs fit to a swing that I have not fully re-grooved yet. If I can get back to hitting the center of the face regularly, then I’ll get a full fitting. I don’t want to go in and hit everything badly … I’m fully capable of having bad swing days. I don’t want to get fit & buy a set for a swing that I think will change in a year. I am forever optimistic that I’ll get better. I doubt I’ll ever shoot par again, but I’ll be happy breaking 80. And then I’ll get fit. Is that dumb? Am I not understanding fitting correctly? I know I can tune my clubs … get fit for new shafts, etc. Maybe I’m just cheap.
  10. I bought a set of RadSpeed OL off CarolinaGolfer2, two weeks ago, and finally got to hit them today … on a cold, swampy, rainy, and misty day. Because of the conditions, and the fact that we are heading into winter, there is no way I can get an honest feel for these clubs until I can play them in warm weather. That said, I can certainly let y’all know what I think of the differences in the aesthetics … the mental surprises these clubs present. My old set is Apex Pro 19 … with a nice thin top line. The RadSpeed is completely different and looks sooo chunky … massive. And they feel so heavy to me, which I think is compounded by the length of the short clubs … heavy head plus a longer shaft really adds up. I’ve got to find a scale that measures both club & swing weight. I was prepared to face the length of the wedges, but completely forgot that it would push the ball so far out from its traditional position. I’m certain I can adjust … it just messes with your head seeing the ball so far away, you feel like it’s going to overfly the target. Again, remember rainy, cold winter day, so ball was not flying as far anyway. I laughed when I saw the GW, and I laughed harder when I stood over the 4-Hybrid … it looks like a kids club or a specialty club someone cut down to use as a recovery club, popping the ball out from under tree lines. I hit it off a tee box just to get an idea of trajectory, and it gets the ball up nicely. My Apex Pro hybrid runs quite a bit. It will be really interesting to see how this one lands when the fairways and greens aren’t plugging. I remain optimistic.
  11. It is very interesting that the hosel does not have whipping on it. It’s a cool looking putter. What does the shaft band say?
  12. I’m TPI certified. Go to MyTPI.com - Find an Expert to search for a certified professional by city or zip. Once the screening is complete, you will get a list of all areas of your swing that need strengthening along with exercises to do. It may be that there is more than one movement that needs strengthening. There are also TPI physical therapists that help people with major flexibility issues. A lot of tour professionals have this screening at the beginning of the week as a way to determine how to focus the week’s workouts.
  13. I am looking forward to seeing you progress. A lot of us want to do this.
  14. Doesn’t increased control from choking down come from the change in leverage you get from that 1/4-1/2” of grip sticking out? Aside from less distance, that’s the other reason we were told to choke down. Seems like going back to gripping the club at the butt, even if it’s shorter, is not as controllable as choking down. Are these steel or graphite? Doesn’t butt trimming make a shaft more flexible? Or is that just steel? Or is that only for taking off an inch? Looks like I don’t have any answers, just questions.
  15. Never knew that. If I get a persimmon out, I’ll make certain I have balata. Thx.
  16. I just posted something similar on another forum today that made me realized that I purchased 3 new sets of clubs during the first 4 years I played golf. And similar to your thinking, I have given full sets to my brother, father-in-law, and one of my sons. I sold a few to be able to afford more, but still have boxes of clubs … 4 sets of irons, and a dozen or more driver/fairway wood combinations. Heck I still have a small box of wood heads left over from my club building days in the early 1980s … more than in the pic below. Plus I have at least a dozen shafts & another box of grips. It’s an addiction I bought a new set irons last year, a set of woods + hybrids this past spring, just bought a set of used irons last week, want to get fitted for a new set of irons next spring, want to try 2 new drivers with different shafts, plus I want the new $500 More Golf wedge, and want to try several oversized grips to find the one I like. I need to play it in order to know if I like it. And the only way I can afford new stuff is to sell off previous sets. Same way I kept my sons in current video game consoles.
  17. What items have you collected from older eras of golf? When I was a kid, I always got my grandfather something golf related for Christmas. I managed to hold on to a few of those items. This first one is from the mid-1960s and is for personalizing your balata golf ball. I do not believe there was any custom printed balls available back then. There weren’t really Sharpies either, just wide tipped permanent markers you could use to make a dot on the ball. This device came with 3 sets of A-Z upper case metal stamps, that you mashed into the cover, as well as a felt ink pad. The truly funny part of my grandfather’s use of this ball marker, is the name he put on his ball. Raising a family during the Great Depression made him keenly aware of the need to present himself as a successful, affluent businessman. So the name he printed, which can be seen still mounted in the ball marker, is Mr. T H Peery. I’ve seen a lot of custom balls with names printed on them, but none using Mr. The letter stamps are soooooo small, I can’t even read them individually. I have no idea how he did it.
  18. I kno this is a late response but I’m pulling for ya. I hope this does NOT seem like I’m playing 1 upmanship, but instead am letting you kno there is still golf with back problems … I’m turning 64 this year … I’ve had over 40 lumbar epidurals, I had a 4-disc lumbar discectomy, I have 5 or 6 herniated thoracic discs, a 3-disc cervical fusion, and 2 more herniations bookending that fusion, plus I have a failed spinal stimulator implanted in my back. I have been in & out of PT approx once a year for 15 years. My advice is to get ur PT person to not only give u stretches for lumbar spine, but for cervical as well … golf stretches. You must keep ur hip & neck rotation flexibility … and then do the damn stretches every day … well they’ll probably have you doing them 3x a day at first, but even when ur done with PT, keep at it. Stay flexible. When I began playing this year, after a 14 year hiatus, my back was tired after 6 holes. I initially stopped and went home. Eventually, even though while I was tired after 6, I still managed to make the full 18. This month I’ve been playing 36 holes twice a week, with a retired group of guys. Know ur limitations & keep striving to get stronger. I just bought a set of 1/2” long, Cobra RadSpeed One Length irons in an attempt to take pressure off my lumbar spine. Practicing chipping & putting really stresses it. And as soon as those muscles feel tired or tight, I shut practice down or else they’ll be in spasm for 3 days. I live with the fear that I might only be 1 injury away from ending golf forever. Keep ur back strong & flexible … maybe we’ll both still be playing in our 80s. If u ever need to vent about ur back, feel free to dm me. It helps talking with someone who knows what ur going thru. What people don’t realize is that it’s not just about the level of pain you are experiencing, it’s more about the fact that it’s unrelenting pain. Constant pain, 24-7, day after day, week after week is physically draining and mentally exasperating. Good luck GaDawg.
  19. I used to do club building / repair back in the early 1980s. What I truly miss is the individuality of wood colors. Guys were known by their driver colors ... “Do you know Andy? He plays a blond Wilson Staff driver.” While I used standard stains for my builds, I combined my favorite Tommy Armour Mohogany with Cherry Red so that I had a color no one else had. I am tempted to dig out an old persimmon driver, re-whip it & slap on a new grip just so I can hit it. I have a spool of whipping but it has become sticky over these past 40 years. I would like to try building a driver or two now, but I’m intimidated by graphite shaft trimming and puring. Maybe some day.
  20. I completely forgot about that driver. I had cracked the neck twice, and was trying to make it stronger the 3rd time, by coating it with epoxy, then realized I had filled & sanded down the neck so many times that it was just too thin to keep using. But what I also miss about wood heads was the individualism of Driver colors. I believe the stain I used on that Penna driver was a combo of my favorite Tommy Armour Mohogany and Cherry Red. I would love to dig out my old persimmon drivers, re-grip & re-whip, and hit them. Just for the memories.
  21. I got this back in 1992 during a league event. The pro gave me the ball holder trophy and also sent a note to the local news paper regarding the Ace. The small town paper screwed up the item, however … I should have been miffed that they spelled my name wrong, but that wasn’t the only typo. They also printed the wrong hole number, and instead of the actual par 3, they announced that my Ace came on the 18th hole, which is a par 4. So I’ve got that going for me. A side note … a local golf fanatic has 26 Aces to his name. That’s not what is amazing about him however. The amazing site-to-see is his swing. He actually drags the club away from the ball at address, breaking his wrists backward, as he drags the club a good 3 feet down the line, before moving the club up to the top of his swing. He offered to teach me the swing when I was 20, and I just laughed. That 26th ace came last year when he is in his late 80s. 40+ years later and I’ve only had the one ace. I guess I should have listened.
  22. I actually traded-in my father’s late 1960s Sam Snead Blue Ridge Special 3-5-7-9 irons for my first set, 1978 Titleist Lite 100s … without telling him. I believe it took me 5 years to break the news to him, when he was wanting to get back into golf. But by then, he was looking at a new set anyway. Next set was my first pro line blades, Toney Penna … only available through pro shops. But the first big name tour clubs I bought were 1980 Wilson Staff Tour Blades. I loved those clubs and would love to play them again, provided I still had my 20 yr old swing. Now that I think about, I started my golf career buying a new set each year. No wonder I have boxes of old clubs. It’s an addiction.
  23. Question for y’all ... at my club the person who gets a hole in one buys a drink for everyone. I think it’s twisted. Worse than that, I had a 2 for 1 with a stroke and guys tried to pressure me, saying I owed them drinks for the one on my scorecard. I told them since it was a fake hole in one, I would be happy to buy them a fake beer … they did not see the humor.
  24. 9 holes = 2 birdies, 4 pars, & 3-7s only because I had to stop counting for handicap purposes.
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