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  1. From golf.com just 6 days ago: https://golf.com/instruction/1-club-amateur-golfers-should-replace/ They recommended replacing the 3 wood with a hybrid for anyone with a double digit handicap unless the wood is used as a driver replacement. Long before the article, I had taken all woods but my driver out of my bag. I get the same distance with my 3 hybrid I got from my 3 wood, I am more accurate, and hybrids are more versatile, for example, better from the rough than a wood. No plan to go back to the woods.
  2. I recently switched back to spikes after several years wearing Skechers spikeless shoes. The Puma Faas Light spikeless shoe was the most comfortable shoe I ever wore. I have arthritis and other foot problems and ejjoyed the feel of the Skechers and Pumas, but in the end I needed the stability and grip of the spiked shoe. The Inesis has a unique outsole, and I would love to see how they compare to the comfort of my Skechers or Pumas and the stability and grip of my Adiboost.
  3. I would love to participate. Dean Grand Junction, Colorado Srixon Q Star Tour I loved the original Gamer and surprised friends with it. I also played the Gamer v2 and Gamer Urethane. They lost me when they went to Surlyn.
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