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  1. leska

    Nippon 105 vs 120

    Im living in Denmark Always just been browsing the forums I appreciate all the help, but from what i can read so far, from you guys and other sites, the 120 Nippon is a Strange one, because it can launch low for some and others it launhces higher then 105 Nippon, so i really have to go test the 120
  2. leska

    Nippon 105 vs 120

    My iron flight is very high. Not balloing high, but still gets forward But yea, after googling and finding more threads with info, i can read, like you are saying, that just because i play 105 x-stiff now, that might not be a good fit in the 770 I think ill make fitting with the nearest fitter and see what we can find
  3. leska

    Nippon 105 vs 120

    Hi. New to the forums here and hoping to get some help on shaft selektion ! Atm im playing mizuno 919 forged with Nippon 105 x-stiff in them. Swing speed with 7 iron is 90-91 when im swinging well Been looking at the new Taylormade 770, but unfortunately they dont offer Nippon 105 in x-stiff ( in my country ) only 120 in x-stiff, but om not sure if i can handle 120 in x-stiff, or if i should go 120 stiff hardstepped maybe ? Thanks in advance
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