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  1. What brand and model is that 15 slot divider ?
  2. Thanks for all the help ! Going back to my coach in about a week. Will show him my old grip and the grip and rip it method, and hear what he thinks i should follow Didnt go threw with playing 18 holes with my old ultra strong grip. Will wait till ive been by my coach, and take it from there
  3. Hi So i started golf 5 years ago at age 30. I got hooked instantly after trying some play and play course. I got my card to be released to play on the 18 hole courses and got my handicap. Im not very tall, but from the beginning i could get it out there at a decent distance. Sliced like no other with driver, but got a few lessons to fix the slice, and then just went on my own again from there, and within the first 9 months my handicap got down to 11. That was mainly from hitting it pretty far and keeping it in play. My shortgame was horrible. I had a ultra strong grip, but somehow managed to hit it very VERY straight with driver and irons anyway. Had issuses with hooks from time to time. So i started taking lessons. First thing that was fixed was ofcourse my grip. Instant loss of power, because i was all arms before, so i had to learn how to use my body more to rotate into the ball. I stuck with it for 1 year or so, but my golf just became worse and worse, and i actully quit golf for a while, because i was so tired of it Started golf again, because i thought, i started to good, so why couldnt i make it work. Started playing for myself, and it never got really good ( i was still using what i had learned from the coach and not my beginner grip ) Hovered around handicap 10 or so after 3 years of playing Started seeing a new coach with 14 days or so inbetween lessons. I got better and better with a neutral grip, and clubheadspeed is now around 112-114 and driver is by far my best weapon by far. Irons have never gotten back to what they where without lessons from the first 1. I battle a hook mostly, but just overall poor really compared to my putting, chipping, and driving Then yesterday, when again going out practicing my irons, trying to get into the positions my coach wants me. I tried, just for the fun of it, to try my grip from the first year i played. Its insanely strong, and nothing any coach would teach. Right thumb on the side of the grip etc, and hands much infront of the ball at adress and i instantly started ripping irons very straight, high and long. A few bad thick ones over the session, but nothing compared to when i try my neutral grip, and VERY insecure over the ball with the neutral grip With my old old grip, i just went up and gripped and ripped it. Not a swing thought at all Atm im pretty much at a loss on what to do. I kinda feel the last 2 years have been a "waste" if i just go back to my grip, from when i started, or if i should just keep on going with neutral grip and belive it will get better eventully I did get down 5.9 with the neutral grip though, but hovering around handicap 7 atm Ill go play 18 today with the old ultra strong grip, and see if it was just a fluke, but if it isent, im thinking about showing my coach it, and see what he says Any advice is welcome ( and sorry for the bad english )
  4. leska

    Nippon 105 vs 120

    Im living in Denmark Always just been browsing the forums I appreciate all the help, but from what i can read so far, from you guys and other sites, the 120 Nippon is a Strange one, because it can launch low for some and others it launhces higher then 105 Nippon, so i really have to go test the 120
  5. leska

    Nippon 105 vs 120

    My iron flight is very high. Not balloing high, but still gets forward But yea, after googling and finding more threads with info, i can read, like you are saying, that just because i play 105 x-stiff now, that might not be a good fit in the 770 I think ill make fitting with the nearest fitter and see what we can find
  6. leska

    Nippon 105 vs 120

    Hi. New to the forums here and hoping to get some help on shaft selektion ! Atm im playing mizuno 919 forged with Nippon 105 x-stiff in them. Swing speed with 7 iron is 90-91 when im swinging well Been looking at the new Taylormade 770, but unfortunately they dont offer Nippon 105 in x-stiff ( in my country ) only 120 in x-stiff, but om not sure if i can handle 120 in x-stiff, or if i should go 120 stiff hardstepped maybe ? Thanks in advance
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