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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I figured lessons were the right first step, but having never gotten new clubs I wasn't sure just how much 20 year old clubs might be holding me back.
  2. Yeah I actually got on the phone with Jason from Sub70 yesterday to ask his opinion on shafts and clubs to see if an upgrade would improve my ball flight. And he mentioned the same thing of taking some time with a professional to work on my swing, and then work with him to get the right set of clubs. Looks like I have a busy winter.
  3. Typically keep my irons at about middle of stance. When I move the ball forward too much I start to get chunky with my shots.
  4. I have spent a lot of time this summer working on my swing. It has gotten much better from where it was last year, but it was all DIY help. I think it is time to get a professional to help me get to the next step. With that being said, has anyone else run into issues with low launch, and have any advice on things to work on? I looked at my Trackman numbers, and my Driver and 7i launch angles are only about half a degree apart.
  5. I appreciate the honesty, and I'm sure you are spot on. The plan this winter is to take a couple lessons, hopefully get my swing to a more manageable place, and then look to see if a more customized set of irons can help me on top of that.
  6. That is a good point about newer clubs potentially enhancing the problem by lowering the loft even further. I guess my thought was if I were to start using a shaft that was a "high launch" shaft that should help me get the ball in the air. I cant imagine I am delofting the club face THAT much at impact...maybe has something to do with me closing the club face a little too much?
  7. New to the forum, and hoping to get some wisdom from the group. Little context about my game. Have been playing for a number of years, but primarily used golf as an opportunity to drink with buddies. This past summer was the first year in my life that I actually started to take my golf game seriously, practice, work on my swing, etc. I went from shooting 110+ to being in the low to mid 90's fairly consistently. Part of my quest to become a decent golfer was to learn more about by swing and ball flight. Last week I spent some time on a Trackman, and I was able to put some numbers to
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