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  1. Thanks for adding your thoughts. There's definitely a lot of variables to consider when thinking about going this route. For myself, the biggest hurdle in my game is my inconsistency, especially in my long irons. I'm generally pretty solid off the tee and from 50-150 yards out. My current old Adams set includes a 4H and 5H that I have never felt comfortable with. Even after a lot of time at the range and during lessons they have been hard for me to be even remotely consistent with. Because of that, if I'm outside 150 yards after teeing off, I'm pretty screwed. I had some spare time thi
  2. Thanks for your input, Wedgie. You were one of the people I specifically hoped would chime in as I read through the entire Launcher HB thread (among others) and was surprised to see you made the change. It seemed like you were one of the HB's biggest cheerleaders, but I don't think I saw the same enthusiasm for the Cobras. (I may just not have seen the threads). Part of the appeal of the HB Turbo style clubs is the apparent help they provide with fat mishits, as that is where mine tend to be (more from hip movement than from a steep swing plane). But I hit my 7 and 8 irons best (too bad
  3. I've been playing for about 1.5 years and taking lessons. I am currently using an old set of Adams clubs (10+ years old style I think). My handicap is 25+ but I have made some major strides in ball striking consistency as of late. Since my swing has become much more repeatable I am going to get fit for new clubs in the next few weeks. I was curious to hear thoughts from folks who have gamed any of the single length iron sets for a while that have also used any of the SGI larger clubs (Cleveland Launcher HBs, Cobra T-rails, etc). What did you end up sticking with and why? I know there
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