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  1. You can come to my garage and dig through the trash We sell the S4 version - - that's all! We no longer manufacture the S1-3 as the S4 addresses the feedback that we were getting from the previous versions
  2. Yes! The tipping procedure and diameter issues have been addressed with the Quality Control team. We got our letter of approval for our designs from the USGA in August
  3. A customer sent those to TXG in early October....that was completely out of our control We did reach out multiple times to them for an address to send them S4 shafts and to see what shaft model they were reviewing, but didn't get a response as I assume they were trying to remain as unbiased as possible. We will be sending them S4s don't you worry
  4. FYI - - the LST head is 6-8 grams heavier than some of the other big names. So that should put SIM, F9/Speedzone, and others around D4-D5 at the 45” playing length Our S4 Shafts were designed to address this similar feedback we were getting back in September - - we are sending them out some S4s ASAP
  5. Indeed We put our ForeSight GCQuads to work! We have a 3 bay simulator in which we meticulously test our shafts. We have plenty of launch monitor data - - if you are on Instagram, the "steadfastgolf" page has lots of posts that includes launch monitor stats. TXG has our S2 shafts and will be reviewing shortly so we've heard. I have reached out to Rick Shiels for their address and am awaiting response I have reached out to MGS Rob for mailing address as well!
  6. Great questions! Just like any shaft - - there is no "one size fits all golfers swings" shaft, we get that. We offer a flex and a performance guarantee - - so If you don't like the shaft you ordered, we can get you into a different flex for you to try or give you your money back. It's essentially a free trial. You have nothing to lose. There is definitely variation in the OEM head weights, we have the ability and the equipment to make our shafts "perfectly" balanced for individual OEMS. We have not implemented these procedures at this time as we are trying to keep up with all the orders! You'll just have to swing one and see if it feels like a steel rod - - I haven't hear that feedback from anyone yet. You still have the ability to shape you shots! You still have to trust your swing to shape the shot in the first place
  7. Thanks for the heads up! We should have read the guidelines before jumping right in! We want to play by the rules I have contacted Rob for more info
  8. A customer sent a few of our shafts to TXG (our S2 version) and they are allegedly going to do a review on them this week from the whispers I've heard. They mentioned us in the live stream 11.24 at 1 hour 5 min timestamp I have contacted MGS Rob to get the address for sending them some shafts. We appreciate the attention to detail of the golf community! FYI - https://www.golflabs.com/about = Golf Laboratories. They designed the first golf robots in 1994 and have been/are the industry standard my friend, no air quotes necessary
  9. Hello Hardcore Looper and the rest of the MyGolfSpy forum! We are here to stay in the forum - - ask anything and everything! We stand behind our products. Currently we offer Senior, Regular, Stiff, and 1X driver flexes - - each flex designed individually for weight, balance and performance. Each cookie has a different recipe Most people have some toe hits and heel hits mixed in with the absolute pure flushes off the tee ( I know everyone on here hits arrows down the middle every time but for the others..... ) - - the torque metrics on our shafts help to control these mishits and keep your overall dispersion tighter off the tee - - less big misses left and right and more baby fades and draws is the result. Our dispersion and claims are 3rd party verified by Golf Laboratories and can be easily repeated - - We can provide the experiment parameters if interested. Our goal is to beat the competition in Performance, Price, and Customer Service. We are putting American workers back to work. We are manufacturing a product in the USA. Our goal is to give each golfer the performance that his/her game deserves at a price that won't break their bank accounts. We do this all while using raw materials that are 6x the price of what they are currently using for your +$200 driver shafts (we are experimenting with the 18x raw material as well). Our B2C business model allows us to do this! Zero middlemen. Tighter dispersion means better shots, more control, makes the game more fun, speeds it up (so more can enjoy our beloved game!) and makes it affordable for everyone! We now offer 3W and 5W shafts as well, with hybrid shafts in development/testing. I will post on the main forum page as well - thank you for that suggestion
  10. Hello MyGolfSpy Community! Steadfast Golf here. Thank you for all this discussion about our golf shafts! There is some great feedback in here. I see that most of the negative comments are from pre-November which would mean that yes, these were from our first batches! We'd like to address this. We admit, there were inconsistencies at that time in our advertising of our shaft metrics. These issues have been corrected! Updated pictures have been posted on our Facebook page and updated on the website. Glue/Adaptor Issues: Our two part epoxy was not properly 1:1 mixed on a batch of 50 S2 shafts and this led to...you guessed it...50 customers with twisting adaptors. I would be ticked, I get it! I'm not saying I wouldn't have taken it to the pro shop and got it epoxied for $5 and given it a true shot (we told them to do this and send us the bill to cover the cost), but hey that is each individual's prerogative and we all know how picky golfers can be. All of these individuals that reached out about this received a free shaft as a replacement...above and beyond a simple $5 pro shop fix. We want to make sure that you know each and every customer is important to us and that we stand behind our product. We have upgraded our epoxy to a premix Brampton aerospace grade epoxy. We have had 1 total return in the last 30 days over 1,000+ orders that was related to glue quality. A handful of other returns we have seen on the S4 is due to our product not meshing with their particular swing paths....not every shaft is perfect for 100% of the players out there as we know. That is why there's more than one shaft company. We have gone through 4 iterations of our shafts in 3 months. The S1, our prototype model, was used for simulator testing, robot testing, and then field testing. We then perfected this model to be the "S2". The S3 (for 2 days of production) was a "ultralight" shaft that weighed in at 45 grams. It was more of a proof of concept iteration / we were challenged by our Facebook page community to deliver a light shaft. Some of these were sent out and this lead to even more confusion about our play metrics. Understood. Things were changing on the fly and it was hard to keep the website updated! You'll notice that most of the forum comments throughout the web are from around this time.....that is why. Our most recent iteration, the S4, is our best foot forward. We have implemented multiple quality control checks on grip application and tipping procedure steps and with our new team members. We have put 8 Americans back to work during a this pandemic. We are proud of that. Every day, we are learning and getting better. We have 8 guys putting in 12 hour days to make sure that you all have the ability to purchase a high performing golf shaft that doesn't break your bank and is made in America. We have changed our shaft logos to be smaller. We know that we don't have as impressive graphics like the big boys. Our emphasis was on proving first the torque concept, getting our dispersion patterns better than F*jik*ra and Mits*bi*hi (3rd Party Tested via Golf Laboratories - we beat them on a robot by 37 and 46 yards respectively.) You guys know why they spend money on their graphics (which you end up paying for in the end)? It's to "hide" all of these "imperfections" or in actuality, "realities" of making a carbon fiber golf shaft. We aren't trying to fool anyone. Here is our raw golf shaft that performs better statistically than the leading competitors. Ok, now we can get fancy with graphics, different grips, higher grade raw materials (we use raw materials that are 6x the price they use in Asia, we are experimenting with the materials that are 18x) We don't pay brokers, we don't ship our product across an ocean on a cargo ship, we don't pay tarrif taxes, we don't pay distributors, we don't spend millions of dollars annually on advertising, etc. All of those costs are built into your +$250 shaft. We just make golf shafts and sell them direct to the customer....cutting out the umpteen steps that make your shaft cost +$250 We are a 3 month old company that stands behind our products and will do everything in our power to address any issues you are seeing. We offer a performance guarantee and a flex guarantee. If you want to try another flex, we'll make it happen. If you want your money back, no problem. Our customer service team rocks and will take care of you. We have 2,200+ customers in the last 3 months that seem to be really enjoying their Steadfast Golf shafts - unfortunately some blogs seems to trend towards the negative. We have recently released 3W and 5W shafts, with hybrids in development. If you have read this far, thank you. Come check out our Facebook page "Steadfast Golf" to see the comments from our community, our Instagram "steadfastgolf" for day to day updates and posts (like Whit Merrifield playing our shaft at Pebble Beach last weekend) , or head over to www.steadfastgolf.com to check out our offerings. Email us, call us, FB chat us, Instagram Message us, send us a messenger pigeon....we will take care of you, answer any and all of your questions, and ensure that you have all of the information you need before you make your purchase. Happy Swinging! Steadfast Golf
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