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  1. As others have stated, putting seems to be a great starting point with 4 putts. a few putting drills that helped me 1. I started using a line on anything inside of 10 feet. When I practice at home I always use a line and you get instant feedback if you hit a true end over end putt. This helped me reduce my putts per round average. 2. Putting Mat with different lengths and take 25-50 putts a day to get a feel for it something else that has helped is tracking stats to see where there are opportunities for improvement 1. Tee shot in play with a clear shot for next shot 2. 2 chips to get on green 3. 3 putts or putts per hole 4. If duffing, maybe write down club or distance causing a duff to find if any trends
  2. Cool stocking stuffer idea for my pops and father in law.
  3. Awesome thread. I’d spend 1000 on lessons to tune up for spring. Then the last 1000 I’d get a backup set of wedges same specs (500) and the last 500 I’d get a hybrid (300) to switch in and out with 7 wood or 2 iron and the last 200 I would spend getting my 2 iron restarted with either a Ventus blue 9x or LAGP AXS Blue shaft to match my driver and fairway. The AXS blue are such good shafts with feel and a stable tip. It has already out performed by ventus black 6tx on two sessions so far more testing to come
  4. Thanks for the reminder for my annual donation. Just completed. MyGolfSpy is the best golf website hands down.
  5. I’m a big fan of the way the Titleist fairway woods look at address. I have loved the Titleist fairways since the 915 version. Tsi2 is a great shape and very forgiving.
  6. As others have said the optimizer is an awesome place to start. Really important to see how it performs on grass and for a variety of different shots. Like understanding how easy it is to flight it or hit a high draw or fade if needed.
  7. Welcome! I loved the statement messing around with equipment but the scores never seem to change. Story if my life haha
  8. Got some Bridgestone balls to test against Titleist. Trying tour BX and BXS. I’m leaning towards BX based on my traditional choices.
  9. Right now I am quite enjoying the Ventus black 6TX. I will say prior to that my favorite two shafts were Accra TZ6 75M5 and Diamana LTD 70TX. those are my favorite three in a driver. ‘’fairway basically anything more in alignment to a blue board profile. Old school Diamana blue board is hard to beat for me.
  10. Good to know. I’ve only had the original stability and then the KBS CT Tour so I’m looking forward to putting this in my putter not only for performance but in reality it looks awesome. look good, feel good, feel good, putt good. I’m hoping this is how it plays out.
  11. Got a LAGP putter shaft to install and try out. Hope it helps reduce my 3 putts
  12. Bag has a little mixup. Cobra, Titleist, Cleveland, Taylormade, Miura and Legacy Goods for a custom putter.
  13. I used the Radspeed my current 7 iron is shorter and 35 degrees of loft going 185 so the Radspeed is hot!!
  14. Handicap pre-challenge was 9.3 slope 123 course rating 69.7 bomb and gouge: 41 irons only: 43 7 iron see below, thank you wind and a cart path hop haha. I hit the 2nd one better .
  15. I’m going to do my irons only on a 50 foot down hill usually down wind hole at my course to hit a 7 iron.
  16. It’s until Monday right? I have a time Sunday finally to complete the challenges.
  17. I can see the driver staying if I switch shafts and for sure the 7 wood is staying in the bag for me.
  18. I agree, if I had more time to devote to practicing instead of playing I’m sure I could get adjusted. The biggest concern is touch shots and having mentality you’re swinging a 6 iron to go x distance. I would get too steep with wedges but maybe with more time I could shallow out my swing and get better results.
  19. That is a very good point with distance control. I had a lot of difficulty hitting half shots ect with any scoring clubs because come to think of it, I don’t hit too many touch shots with a 6 iron (how long the OL was compared to my current irons). I agree with the shorter clubs as you get to scoring clubs, might have to Frankenstein this set to try and accomplish this.
  20. Just finished up my review. My first one ever for MGS. Thank you again Cobra and MGS.
  21. Yeah definitely. We will have to meet up for a round for sure. The hi rev shafts are very very good on any partial shot. I find them to have a lot of feel and they definitely reward smooth swings. The only difficulty I have is with full shots but then again maybe it’s a sign I don’t need full shots on my wedges. My gap wedge has the 135x hi rev and I find that to withstand full swings a little better than the 125 version. Overall I think it is a solid wedge shaft as I have historically just matched my irons through all my wedges.
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