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  1. Also, there are places where you can buy at a discount brand new and custom. Give discount dans a call or email and I think you’ll be happy.
  2. This feels better than any Scotty, Piretti or Bettinardi I’ve had. 345 grams, 72 lie, 1 shaft offset and 3 degrees. Awesome finish and rolls so smooth. I added a Flatso 1.0.
  3. Excited to get some swings in tomorrow with the full set. I did some comparison pictures of the Radspeed 6 iron to my T100 6 iron and the Radspeed 8 iron to my 620CB 8 iron. Additionally, I did a comparison of the 60 degree Snakebite full face wedge to my RRTX zipcore 60. I really like the way the wedges look, they look very forgiving but still very sleek. I am ready to begin my one length journey with 4 hybrid through lob wedge. The irons will take some getting used to with distances but I hope to be able to do a gapping session before the competition begins. These cobra clubs look great and even coming from T100/620CB type of irons. When I put the iron next to a ball it screams confidence and forgiveness. Two traits I hope are true for the competition.
  4. Got a box today from Cobra, can’t wait to open and share pictures. Says irons and wedges
  5. Oh my. What a good box to come home to from vacation. These look awesome.
  6. I get back from vacation Friday. Hopefully there is a box of one length and I’ll post the pictures. Can’t wait!!
  7. I am really looking forward to the 7 wood and seeing how my iron game improves with one length from 4 hybrid to SW.
  8. The only caveat is you are comparing to a zero handicap. If you are around 15 maybe compare it to an10 handicap because I bet you’re very close to getting to positive or net zero strokes gained compared to a handicap close or goal of like a single digit 9nhandicap.
  9. Haha that’s so funny. From someone who can hit em far occasionally it’s all about approach and short game for my score. As long as drive doesn’t go OB I have a decent shot that day haha
  10. Maybe no distance but still gaining strokes with driving which is a positive if you add distance it will only go higher.
  11. In my very limited experience if you’re worried about distraction I’d get the link because you don’t need your phone and can play a round without distractions plus get all the analytics.
  12. Snuck out for 9 after my little guy went to sleep. Arccos caddie is awesome. It did not miss any shots and it was nice not having to keep my phone in my pocket. I compared distances to my Garmin Fénix 6x and my rangefinder and Arccos was spot on. I might be able to get rid of the bulky watch for rounds if Arccos continues to perform. It rained today which messed with my putting, two three putts and one on a par 5 which stung. Overall though my driver has been dialed in so I am looking forward to how the Radspeed XB compares to my TSi3.
  13. Thank you Cobra and Arccos. These came today and hope to get a few rounds this week to catch up with the rest of the guys to get my baseline numbers up.
  14. Picked this up to rep MyGolfSpy! So excited for the clubs to come. Arccos comes for me today.
  15. I am pretty sure golf industry uses FedEx but I am curious if anyone knows definitively. I am anxious too!
  16. That is awesome insight. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Should be really nice to dial in one swing.
  17. Most Comfortable Clubs: I will have to go with driver and fairway woods. They are the only clubs playing the same length I play at today. Based off some reviews out there the driver seems to be a top performer and excited to hit against my TSi3. In the spirit of the competition I will use the stock shaft but I will have a Ventus black 6x waiting in the background if needed Most Worrisome Clubs: One length wedges. I am worried a little about distance control and gapping at the bottom end of the bag. As it stands today I never hit my 60 full but with the one length I may have to hit some full to cover the lower end of gapping. Sleeper club: One length hybrids through GW. I am very excited for this opportunity and really think this will help my game with having one swing to practice and simplify my practice time. I think this can be a true game changer.
  18. I need to work on hitting more GIR to help me lower my overall scores. I think having one length and being able to have same swing from 4 hybrid through lob wedge will help with my consistency and scoring. I have not used arcos so I am excited to see where it says I need to improve and how the cobra clubs help me achieve those improvements.
  19. My bag is locked and loaded too. Super excited for the one length experiment.
  20. So far here is what I am thinking based on stock offerings. Very excited to try one length and see the affects on my game compared to CB Miura Irons and 70/80 gram TX shafts. Hopefully bending lofts a little weak will help with gapping as my current 7 iron is 35 degrees. One length seems like it can only help my game to have a consistent swing from 4 hybrid all the way through 60 degree wedge. Radspeed XB 9 degree Motore F1 60 tipped 1/2 to 1 inch Radspeed Fairway 3 and 7 Motore f1 70 tipped 1.5 inches 4 hybrid Radspeed one length Tensei White 100x (debating going 3 and 4 instead of 7 wood but definitely like woods better than hybrids) 5-GW Radspeed One Length irons $Taper 130x, 1 degree flat, 2 degrees weak (would prefer my stock shaft of x7 or x100 but want to test what is available to public at no upcharge) 56 @ 54 and 60 Snakebite one length wedge $Taper 130x or 610 S+
  21. Gotcha. I wish they had the TX. I know it’s just a little different materials but that is what I’ve always loved in a fairway. Recently though with tsi the raw white 85TX is a beast in a 4 wood.
  22. Awesome write up. Excited for the 7 wood too. Which shaft do you Plan on going with? I think only xstiff 80 gram is the smoke black unless I missed something.
  23. Thank you. I think it should help with consistency and always have wanted to try one length. I’m going all in, hybrids, irons and wedges. Can’t wait!
  24. this is my first journey in one length. I am very much looking forward to it and see if it helps me score better.
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