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  1. I think it’s from the decade system but it’s the shits or holes when at the end of the round I am like that’s where I messed up today.
  2. I’ve been tracking the Tiger 5 1. Bogeys on par 5 2. Double bogeys 3. 3 putts 4. Bogey inside 150 5. 2 chips
  3. Awesome. Congrats guys. Great additions.
  4. I believe piretti would do it as well. Mainly boutique putter companies. I like to remove the sight line even on a putter like a Scotty so it has a clean look. Past example.
  5. Couple recent ones from Tobacco Road. 7 iron into par 5 and a cut driver. IMG_2075.MOV IMG_2076.MOV
  6. Ventus TR Black 6x just arrived today. Can’t wait to test it out!
  7. The newer chrome soft XLS is the closest I’ve found, cuts through the wind slightly better in my opinion than left dash.
  8. Good luck to all. Excited to hear the review!
  9. Oil can finish. Lajosi makes awesome putters. I hope to pass it onto my son someday for sure
  10. I’d get all your clubs preloaded so when you hit a shot you can select the club in the moment so you don’t have to do the clean up later.
  11. Thanks. It is literally sticking to weight watchers and golfing one to three times a week walking. I don’t lift or really monitor food just track the points and it works somehow. I have a major sweet tooth so I eat healthier so I can enjoy some dark chocolate daily. Good luck on the 40 left! You got this.
  12. Down 50 pounds this year. Can definitely tell my back appreciates the loss in weight and I feel more flexible too. About 10-15 for goal weight. Almost there.
  13. Finally a solid round after a few poor rounds out. I’ve been working on my swing and committing to changes instead of just my score. Today I hit 9 GIRS and was on fringe for 3 more. I had one dumb double and two three putts but still managed a 78 today. Best round in a minute. It was nice seeing my hard work on irons and wedges paying off today with solid ball striking. Hopefully a sign of swing changes paying off.
  14. I’m in the area and need to book a time at the muni. I’m in Summerville so I play berkeley most of the time but I’ve heard great things on the muni.
  15. Never played it but I have seen custom putters have I believe it’s called tuna milling. It looks very slick.
  16. Hit the range yesterday for two buckets and 45 minutes on the putting green. I was working primarily on 8 iron down for distance control and different shots to simulate windy conditions. I hit a few drivers but arccos showed me I lose most strokes 150 and in so I worked on 165 and in for the whole time. Putting has turned into a strength and I did a drill of trying to get to 21 putts in a row from 4-5 feet, I was not successful but did get close. I noticed it was mainly concentration on why I would miss. Did some lag putts and ended with a few 20 footers until I sunk one to go home on a high note. I hope it translates to Thursday tourney and Saturday match.
  17. Awesome advice here. A stat tracking device like arccos could help show you where you lose strokes comparative to your current or goal handicap. That can be a factor in your fitting to understand strengths and weaknesses.
  18. Awesome write up and thread! Thank you for sharing your experiences testing so many drivers!!
  19. I’ve tried a lot of shafts over the last few years but I remember my favorite combo was the original Rogue 125 Tour x in a 915D2 head. I tried the rogue 125 in more recent but it wasn’t as good. It is very interesting that shaft very much needs to pair with a head to be most effective. Typically what will fit my swing is a low launch low spin and currently went back to something I played good golf with last year in the Ventus 6TX black. Works very well in the triple diamond head. LAGP AXS blue 6x is an awesome shaft too. Shafts may be the most fun to try if all golf equipment in my opinion
  20. I need to tattoo this on my push cart so I aim for the middle of green and natural dispersion might actually lead to more birdie opportunities because I’ll be putting instead of chipping. I’m going to google earth my home course and find a middle point today
  21. I think we’re saying similar things. I can’t just aim dead middle because I don’t hit a straight ball, I’d end in left rough way too often. I aim to the right of an intended place I want it to land so if my ball does what it normal does it ends up on the intended target line. My course is difficult because I can miss big in certain areas and take overly aggressive lines without penalty and then some holes are tight with OB on both sides. But overall I would agree to aim on a line that would get the ball to finish in the optimum spot.
  22. I think it will eliminate most of the big misses if the fairway if you know it will draw 90% of the time. I was watching this TXG video and I think it makes a lot of sense if I know it’s going to fade (I’m lefty too) I’ll aim like 5 yards from right edge, obviously I can still hit a draw or a pull but if I am actively working on a fade or over fade (slice haha) it should be still playable on left side of fairway. I think what helps me is committing to the shot regardless of shape and having a plan. Aiming dead middle is less successful for me than aiming to play a specific shot. I completely agree that I will still miss to both sides but hopefully it is missing left further than missing right of target
  23. I agree with what most have recommended with sticking to one shot shape and practice it as much as possible. Being able to use the other shape if absolutely necessary is good to know but to have trust and confidence in one shape is the best. I think it opens more of the fairway too because you can sim up one side and trust it will move the whole length of fairway width where if you sim up the middle with both misses you have half the distance on either side to miss.
  24. Wow awesome contest prize! Can’t wait to see who wins and then posts pictures of their custom wedges.
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