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  1. On 3/19/2021 at 4:14 PM, dlow206 said:

    I have been working on a few of the things I have been working on for a bit: not losing tilt too quickly in the downswing, not early extended, etc.

    My instructor had given me some drills to work on, and those started to help. In the mean time, I did a little experimentation on the strength of grip of my right hand and weakening my right hand a bit. Not super weak, just more neutral or slightly weak. That helped my contact and ball flight tremendously. 

    My instructor was good with the experimentation and said in theory based on how I swing, it could be helpful, but he wanted to see what my swing looked like with this grip change. After making the grip change, he said my rotation in the downswing is much better and i am keeping tilt much better. Also, path is more neutral rather than too much from the inside. He is happy with the change. 

    My instructor was explaining how different people react differently to different grips. I won't go into all the nuances, but with a strong grip, my body attempts to square the clubface by raising the handle, early extending, and other bad things. With the weaker right hand, my body doesn't do those or at least not as severely. I might not be explaining everything he conveyed perfectly, but i understand what he is saying.

    I feel like these days there are a lot of instructors say strong grip = good, weak grip = bad, but I am learning that its more about match ups and how a certain grip type works is very individual. 


    Swing looks really good. Looking forward to continual posts and progress. 

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  2. On 2/13/2021 at 11:26 PM, BNewton51 said:

    Matty, you switched out of your Mizzy's?!? Wow, those Srixon's must have really put on a show! 🤣  Seems like everyone who's tried them falls in love with them though so I suppose you're in good company. 

    I couldn’t believe either. They wowed me from first hit. More forgiving and still look great with a penetrating flight even bent weak. 

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  3. I’ve ordered these multiple times and have been happy. They are slightly thicker than normal gloves which for me helps with lighter pressure and makes the glove itself last longer. I’ve tried so many gloves in the past but these are my go to for quality and price. Just wanted to share with the forum in case anyone is in the market for a Cabrera leather glove for cheap. 


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  4. Got to practice today. 20 min putting and 40 min on range. Range I did half bucket at 55, 75, 100 and 125 markers. Other half divided between irons and driver. Most of time was spent working on flighting wedges. Feeling ready for the weekend. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, BNewton51 said:

    I don't know Matty... I end up getting tempted even after something new finds its way in the bag! lol  It's a sickness I tell ya!

    You’re right for sure. I thought I’d keep my t100s for years but I already switched. My group I play with was going to have an intervention haha. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, c_zoid said:

    yesterday at a golf shop I saw a guy buy a sim driver for 550! The Sim2 is coming out at that price in a couple days!🤨


    Yeah that’s the worst is buying something at close to the end of life when something new is looming. I love titleist irons but couldn’t bring myself to buy 620cb when new irons would probably come out in the fall. The 921 SEL are new so I know it’s the latest and won’t be tempted for a while. 

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  7. I did a gapping session and it helped tremendously. Lofts below. 

    what was interesting was how far I was hitting my 54 compared to previous 54’s that I’ve had. 

    PW - was going too far at 147-150 so it was bent to 47 and ideal yardage is about 143 

    50 was bent to 51 and sits right about 130 with a smooth full swing

    54 was bent to 55.5/56 and now is my 115 club. Prior to bending it was going 120/124

    60 stayed at 60 because I don’t hit it full. Bending my 54 weak has allowed partial shots to be a little easier. 

    gapping was key though to understand how much needed to move to keep gaps 12ish yards throughout the bag. 

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