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  1. 1 hour ago, c_zoid said:

    yesterday at a golf shop I saw a guy buy a sim driver for 550! The Sim2 is coming out at that price in a couple days!🤨


    Yeah that’s the worst is buying something at close to the end of life when something new is looming. I love titleist irons but couldn’t bring myself to buy 620cb when new irons would probably come out in the fall. The 921 SEL are new so I know it’s the latest and won’t be tempted for a while. 

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  2. I did a gapping session and it helped tremendously. Lofts below. 

    what was interesting was how far I was hitting my 54 compared to previous 54’s that I’ve had. 

    PW - was going too far at 147-150 so it was bent to 47 and ideal yardage is about 143 

    50 was bent to 51 and sits right about 130 with a smooth full swing

    54 was bent to 55.5/56 and now is my 115 club. Prior to bending it was going 120/124

    60 stayed at 60 because I don’t hit it full. Bending my 54 weak has allowed partial shots to be a little easier. 

    gapping was key though to understand how much needed to move to keep gaps 12ish yards throughout the bag. 

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  3. I agree with the above post. eBay takes about 12-13% but you typically make buyer pay for shipping. PayPal goods and services is 3%. but typically you price in shipping into your asking price on golf forums. I sell on both and it’s a wash on which one nets the most. 

    forums the best part is they are golfers and understand what you have. 

    the bay the best part is the huge audience looking at what you’re trying to sell.

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  4. 1 hour ago, BIG STU said:

    Same here when I heal up--- You are new here so you do not know-- I had a work related accident in April and broke my back in 2 places and crushed a disc plus broke my shoulder. I did play the scrambles some a month or 2 back  but quit. I am back playing my own ball about 6 holes or so a time.

    I am very sorry to hear that. I wish you the best in your recovery and we’re close so I’m sure we will find a time in the future to play once you heal up. 

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  5. Will your WITB change? I hope to keep the same for 2021. 
    Maybe a driver or wood shaft change but the rest is safe. I’m going to try to not change and complete this challenge.


    Driver: TSi3 8 Kuro Kage XD 70TX

    TS3 15.75  Diamana BF 80TX

    DI: p790 3 iron CTaper 130x 

    Irons: 921 Sel 4-PW CTaper 130x 

    Wedges: SM8 50.12 at 51,  SM7 54.08 at 56 and Taylormade Hi-Toe 60 - alL KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 135x

    Scotty Studio Stainless Newport 2.5 with Stability Shaft


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  6. Pictures coming this week 



    Driver: TS3 8.5 at C3 setting (Waiting on TSi3 8* to be delivered) Ventus Blue 7x or DIAMANA ZF 60TX 

    Hybrid: G410 2 Hybrid with Fujikura Ventus Blue 9x 

    Driving Iron: Callaway UT 21 degrees bent to 19, KBS Proto 105X

    Irons: 4-PW T100s (bent 1 degree weak) Project X 7.0 

    Wedges: SM8 50.12, SM7 54.08 and 60 Hi-Toe all Project X 6.5

    Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Stability Shaft or Piretti Cottonwood II



    NEW - did a new fitting and gapping session. 

    Driver: TSi3 8 at C3 setting DIAMANA ZF 60TX Or Kuro Kage XD 70TX - 280-310 

    3 Wood: TS3 15 at C3 Diamana BF 80TX or Kuro Kage XT 80TX - 250-265

    Driving Iron: P790 3 iron CTaper 130x bent 1 degree strong - 230/240 fairway/tee 

    4 - JPX 921 SEL CTaper 130x Pured 22* - 218

    5 - JPX 921 SEL CTaper 130x Pured 26* - 205

    6 - JPX 921 SEL CTaper 130x Pured 30* - 192

    7 - JPX 921 SEL CTaper 130x Pured 34.5* - 180

    8 - JPX 921 SEL CTaper 130x Pured 38.5* - 168

    9 - JPX 921 SEL CTaper 130x Pured 43.5* - 155

    PW - JPX 921 SEL CTaper 130x Pured 47* - 143

    SM8 50.12 project X 6.5 at 51* - 130

    SM7 54.08 Project x 6.5 At 56* - 117 

    60 Hi-Toe Project X 6.5 - 102

    Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2.5 Stability Shaft TBC Jurassic Park Headcover 

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    1. Two sleeves of Srixon XV
    2. Two divot tools
    3. Range finder - Blue Tees with slope
    4. tees 
    5. protein bars 
    6. medicine case - Advil, Tylenol and chapstick 
    7. two or three gloves 
    8. driver tool
    9. rain jacket 
    10. bug spray
    11. sunscreen 
    12. couple beat up Srixon xv for warming up on chipping green 
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  8. The miura putter I have has a distinct click to it. Beautiful putter but does not have as good as a sound as my older Scotty does. That being said the putter is definitely unique and I could game it just wish they made a flow neck lefty. 

  9. You never know. I’d experiment with your normal grip. The putter may feel really heavy but maybe it will feel just right. Is the putter head designed to be counter balanced? If not maybe changing grips won’t have a major effect. Typically heavier putters help with short putts. 

  10. 36 minutes ago, RollingGreens said:

    Thanks, so far they are living up to the hype. Can’t wait to get them out on the course, but we have about 2 feet of snow at my house lol


    I feel you. The 921 tours feel soft even in 35 degree weather. I can only imagine how buttery they will feel in the spring or summer. Nothing but good from Mizuno with this release. 

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  11. Rogue silver 130 70tx is a great option. Ventus black tipped an inch is a solid option. One dark horse to consider is Accra tz6 75 m5. Finau uses this shaft and it is a bomber shaft for sure. Couldn’t go wrong with some Diamana offerings either like Tensei orange 70TX which is counterbalanced or a Diamana white 70TX. Just with Mitsubishi make sure you get the TX with your swing speed. 

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