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  1. 3 minutes ago, MNUte said:

    This is me as well! There's just a mental disconnect where my natural swing makes me far more comfortable with irons. One of my playing partners a few weeks ago even said that it looks like two different people swinging in terms of tempo and technique....along with whacking consistently when I duck hook my tee shot into Neverland.

    I’ve had the same thing said to me on some off swings, my regular playing partners will be like what the heck was that? What are you thinking about?

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  2. Just now, KCLeo12 said:

    I like them a lot the feel is soft but not crazy soft. They look great behind the ball!!

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Awesome. I’m debating getting some for a head to head test with my t100s. Might help me to have more traditional lofts so my PW at 45 degrees doesn’t go 150

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  3. On 12/2/2020 at 9:30 AM, ballhawk said:

    This may or may not fit into the prime subject disscussion, but it's offered anyway. A playing partner went whole hog for a fitting and expensive clubs. Total cost was just at 5K and he was as proud as a peacock. First round out with them and he shot his normal score, which was decent enough but not earth shattering for what he paid. Now in the group behind us, which were a part of our total group, we had our resident old fogey (76+) who plays irons from the early 80's a somewhat newish 8 year old driver and 3 wood off the rack and a Ping putter circa 1967. Well when settling up after the round, Mr 76 won 3 skins, 2 greenies and tied for lowest putts. Mr peacock won zip, but was still proud of his look at me set and bag. Bottom line is as the old saying goes, "it's the indian not the arrow"

    That’s awesome and so true. I know new clubs won’t help my scores go down since I’m fittted for my set but it’s part of the hobby for me to keep golf interesting in trying new clubs. My scores stay relatively similar if I play blades or SGI. My biggest score impact is how close I chip to help lower my overall putts in a round. Putting for me makes the biggest difference. Other clubs are just fun to try out and hit for me. I like new shiny stuff and look for deals so I can have fun and move them on to someone else at a good deal too. Club deals can be had if you are patient and check out the bay enough. 

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  4. I don’t see anything wrong with switching. I was opposite fir a while. For me right hand low worked better on longer putts but on 6 feet and in I was better traditional. Only thing I’ve found is committing for at least a few months and knowing you trust it. Worst case is missing a putt and thinking would I make it putting the other way?

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  5. Got my TSi3 yesterday so off to the range today to do driver shaft testing. Ventus Blue 7x vs Diamana ZF 60TX. so far Ventus won out in session one with both distance and dispersion. I hit the same tree at back of range 5 times in a row with Ventus. Impressed so far with TSi3. It was 40 degrees today so hoping to do more comparison when it gets warmer this weekend. I might trade out my tz6 75 m5 Taylormade adapter to titleist to throw in mix. 

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  6. I’ve tried it and honestly my scores stayed about the same. I think as long as you are okay not going for some par 5s in 2 or not having as long as secondary’s tee shot if a driver carries too far. 

    Once I learned to hit a reliable lower flight 3 iron off the tee I knew I could game it without a hybrid or a fairway wood. I only hit my two hybrid max 2 times a round. From a strokes gained perspective, I might be better off if I actually laid up instead of going for it because I can miss big on 2nd shots into a par 5. 

    since you have Arccos I’d try to play a few times with no woods and see how the analysis of the round is after. My 2 cents. 

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  7. On 9/16/2020 at 6:50 PM, Firebird said:

    My brother has the same issue, everything is for right hander. The biggest issue he has is finding Left Handed Golf Balls😂. That is always his excuse when he plays bad which BTW is generally every round.

    Haha going to use this next time I hit one OB. Guess I should’ve brought my left handed balls today. 

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