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  1. I really hope they come out with this in a corded version.
  2. Like others have mentioned hybrid is the way to go. Srixon comes with one on their driving iron. Worth protecting to keep resale high.
  3. I have not. I like ad di profile and graphite design makes top notch shafts. If it’s working then I’d keep it. I haven’t tried gost yet but am pretty interested in it. I like the flat setting too for the g410 woods. It really helps with keeping the ball on the target line.
  4. Haha I wish I could swing as consistently as Matt from TXG. Just a former college baseball player with an aggressive transition. My 7 iron swing speed is 96-100 depending on the day.
  5. I love it. I had avoided hybrids in the past until this year and having the ventus blue, the ball just wants to stay straight. My fear of hooking a hybrid has gone and I can go after a ball and hit a high fade into par 5s. I liked the hybrid with Ventus so much that it made me get rid of my fairway woods.
  6. Did they specify a new swing weight for you? My last set was D4 and when I got my t100s they felt a little light and titleist built to d2 even though i requested d4. After some lead tape my strike moved from toe strokes to more centered. Could be a swingweight issue.
  7. Mizuno t20 wedges are really nice. What are you looking to change with your wedges? Are you happy with the bounce options? Mizuno this year also released a new wedge. I haven’t tried that one yet but Mizuno makes quality products. If you custom order, they have a lot of no upcharge shafts and grips.
  8. Considering a replacement for my driving iron. I had more success with a tMB and a HMB with steel shaft. I sometimes feel that my UT with graphite twists. any other lefty driving irons others consider?
  9. Matt, Summerville, SC iPhone 11 Pro Outdoors on grass driving range No net
  10. I read on the main website the reviews. Does anyone have experience with this product? Maybe could compare to NX9 slope or similar budget range finders.
  11. Sorry wanted to give you an example. Not sure 2nd swing but they probably use pga value guide. callaway UT driving iron trade in is about $60. Mine was in mint condition and I sold it for 225 and buyer pays shipping on the bay. Yes eBay takes about 13% but that is still a lot more than trading in.
  12. If you’re willing to do a little work, you definitely will get more money selling on here or the bay. Trading in clubs definitely does not give as much value. If you don’t have boxes, I’d go to a local course and ask if they’ll give you a few. I find I get much more selling than I ever did trading in.
  13. That is plenty of budget. I’d give discount dans golf a call with your budget and what you’re looking for, they can make some suggestions and they have best pricing
  14. What shafts are you playing in the different clubs?
  15. I actually just sold it and am finally getting a lefty flowneck putter. Scotty Newport 2.5 studio stainless refinished. Hopefully it comes in this week and I’ll put up a picture. Then I am going to send to Peoples Golf to get a stability shaft on it. Figure I can use all the tech possible to help me sink more putts.
  16. Thanks for the write up. Looking for my next pair and now these are on a short list. Great review!
  17. This is an awesome thread. I think I might go temporary and do the Velcro from craft store and magnets.
  18. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  19. Sweet looking bag. How’s the feel with the pxgs?
  20. I think it is a matter of components not getting stocked quick enough. For instance my tsi3 is delayed because I wanted a z grip. If I had known I would have just gone stock. My t100s were delayed for my PW requesting project x 6.5 which was not in stock so I requested it match my irons with project x 7.0. My dad ordered g710 irons and it took two and a half months because they didn’t have all the heads in stock. I think overall there have been delays for getting new stock in.
  21. I think there are a ton of components that are behind schedule. That being said, times are so much slower than in the past. I hope they speed up soon.
  22. I’ve tried the CLK and G410. I like the leading edge of the g410 and have a lot of confidence with it from bad lies. Overall, if properly fit most hybrids should perform very similarly. That being said I’ve found shaft matters a lot in hybrid, I didn’t like the g410 with an atmos 9TX but love it with a 9x Ventus blue.
  23. They typically have 15% off if you join email list. No tax either.
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