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  1. 9 hours ago, "Mr. 72" said:

    Best Bag for a Pushcart

    I recently acquired a Rovic rv1s to go with an Alphard V2.  I have a Sun Mountain SCB that was made for my Speedcart, but it doesn't pair as well as I'd like with the Rovic.

    Any suggestions on bags that work great specifically for a Rovic?

    The Rovic rv1s seems to be made for a stand bag by the design. On the website it states compatible with most stand bags. Have you found your current bag is too big for it? If so as you know sun mountain makes great stand bags. Figure you couldn’t go wrong with a sun mountain 4.5 14 way bag. 

    ‘What type of top are you looking for? What kind of pockets are you looking for? 

  2. 1 minute ago, Manimal26 said:

    Funny you say that... my sig is not my current bag... but my new irons already have 120TX just need to get the time to install them... tried bunch of stuff except the kbs tour v tour spec 130 TX and the new $taper ht... also when I say a little quicker transition it’s more of a violent nature...I am working on uping my tempo in the back swing a bit to be more smooth into transition... just a process 

    Those are great iron shafts for sure. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve been happy with project x 7.0 but miss the smoothness of Nippon. I have a similar aggressive transition probably due to D1 college baseball. I’m sure you have the same issue can hit it a mile but can also have bad misses. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Manimal26 said:

    X... I swing kind of like Matty from TXG little quicker transition but played D1 college hockey... so what ever flex he uses in a test I go with I want to try it... 

    Makes sense. Have you ever tried the modus 120TX? I had a set with the tx and it was basically a firmer 120x with better dispersion for me. I know Matt played the TX previously. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Manimal26 said:

    Nice been curious... but I have a g410 3h with the GD-AD-DI 95x in the flat setting... if its not broke don’t fix it... have you tried the Nippon Gost?

    I have not. I like ad di profile and graphite design makes top notch shafts. If it’s working then I’d keep it. I haven’t tried gost yet but am pretty interested in it. I like the flat setting too for the g410 woods. It really helps with keeping the ball on the target line. 

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  5. 17 hours ago, Manimal26 said:

    How do you like that ventus hybrid shaft?

    I love it. I had avoided hybrids in the past until this year and having the ventus blue, the ball just wants to stay straight. My fear of hooking a hybrid has gone and I can go after a ball and hit a high fade into par 5s. I liked the hybrid with Ventus so much that it made me get rid of my fairway woods. 

  6. Did they specify a new swing weight for you? My last set was D4 and when I got my t100s they felt a little light and titleist built to d2 even though i requested d4. After some lead tape my strike moved from toe strokes to more centered. Could be a swingweight issue. 

  7. Mizuno t20 wedges are really nice. What are you looking to change with your wedges? Are you happy with the bounce options? Mizuno this year also released a new wedge. I haven’t tried that one yet but Mizuno makes quality products. If you custom order, they have a lot of no upcharge shafts and grips. 

  8. Sorry wanted to give you an example. 

    Not sure 2nd swing but they probably use pga value guide. 

    callaway UT driving iron trade in is about $60. Mine was in mint condition and I sold it for 225 and buyer pays shipping on the bay. Yes eBay takes about 13% but that is still a lot more than trading in. 

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  9. If you’re willing to do a little work, you definitely will get more money selling on here or the bay. Trading in clubs definitely does not give as much value. If you don’t have boxes, I’d go to a local course and ask if they’ll give you a few. I find I get much more selling than I ever did trading in. 

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  10. On 11/24/2020 at 10:58 PM, JohnSmalls said:

    Welcome to the forum!  And great looking putters!  I was close to pulling the trigger on that very same Piretti a few weeks back! 

    I actually just sold it and am finally getting a lefty flowneck putter. Scotty Newport 2.5 studio stainless refinished. Hopefully it comes in this week and I’ll put up a picture. Then I am going to send to Peoples Golf to get a stability shaft on it. Figure I can use all the tech possible to help me sink more putts. 



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