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  1. Has anyone else had really good luck using this shaft? No matter what i seem to try, it caters so well to my swing, and you truly can't beat the price for it, as it's quite often an option for stock shafts. I've tried stuff from Tensei, ProjectX, Mitsubishi, and seemingly nothing gets me to switch from this thing.
  2. I got fitted for some about 2 Months ago when I had been contemplating retrofitting my 718 AP1s into X-Stiff shafts. Ended up being cheaper to sell the AP1s and switch to the PXGs and i can't say enough good things about them. I'm going this weekend to get fitted for the Prototype driver, but if you have a bit extra to spend, BUY THE HYBRIDS, they are my absolute favorite hybrids I've ever tried.
  3. More than any course get out to Quintero your next time here. If you get a warmer weekend, go to Prescott for StoneRidge, both are difficult with a lot of elevation changes and gorgeous desert views
  4. I see you're a big PXG guy, I got my irons and hybrid fitted by them about 2 months ago and I can't say enough good things about them. I'm a big fan of Las Sendas as well, but it generally kicks the hell out of me and whoever I'm with. Some of the firmest and fastest greens with a lot of lines you don't feel confident taking off the tee
  5. Hi Guys, My girlfriend is gifting me a fitting at PXG in Scottsdale for a Prototype driver. I was just wondering who has maybe swung the club and what you think of it, as well as other opinions regarding possible other routes. Thanks
  6. Hello fellow golfers, If there is one thing I know being a local resident in Scottsdale, it's where to play when you plan your next trip here. A lot of people instantly want to play TPC Scottsdale, especially when the Waste Management bleachers are set up, and while this is an experience you must have, this year is not the year. No structures have been built as of yet, and it's not worth the money this year whatsoever. If I had to give my list of 10 courses in which you need to play in the greater Phoenix area, this would be it. 1. Quintero - Hands down my favorite, and I
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