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  1. Well it was a super buy as of yesterday...........$125 for 5-W - but apparently as of today, the sale is over and they are back up to $166, which is not that bad of a price either.
  2. Question, did Theegala decide to hit that sand shot instead of playing safe or did the caddy influence him? To play that well and make a bad choice on the final hole just totally puzzles me.
  3. With the wind up and the temp down, anybody from as far back as +5 still has a chance. This Open has the most players going into the final round with the chance to win, that I can remember. Needless to say, it will be interesting.
  4. Focus on your game, get tunnel vision and don't get caught up in another players game.
  5. Perhaps just speak for yourself and that's more than fine. Yes he "flat thru it away" with not only that Charles Barkley swing off the tee, but also that chip on and off the green and then come up woefully short with that putt to save a bogey. It's not like he's never been under the gun before, remember he's a Korn Ferry grad with a couple of wins under his belt.
  6. Great playoff win for JT, he stayed focused and did his job. WZ hung tough, but Mito just flat thru it away.
  7. I must give props to Tiger for making the cut at the PGA. I don't think his body/leg will be strong enough to allow him to rise to the challenge of being in contention though. I still stand by my previous statement that he should rest his body for additional time, maybe not until the senior tour, but at least give it the rest of this year and see what transpires next season.
  8. We stopped that front vs back or hardest hdcp hole with a very easy solution................A playoff.....
  9. I just watched the local news here in OKC and they were talking up the PGA up at Tulsa. They showed Tiger hitting some shots and commented on how he plays practice rounds by himself. As they were filming, he started to walk back to the club house and he was walking like my 90 year old neighbor, slightly hunched over with a noticeable limp. I've always admired his work ethic and intestinal fortitude, but the human body has only so much it can tolerate and still be acceptably functional. Sadly, Tigers body can no longer match his will power and he will have to come to terms with this. Granted, what he did at the Masters was beyond belief, but I fear in doing that, he only did himself more harm than good. IMO, it's time for him to sit back, give his body lots of healing time and if it's to be, wait for the senior tour if he so desires.
  10. As much as I like RF, in the world of today's pro tour and even though he has won a boat load of $$$, his swing is just not consistent enough to win with any regularity. In addition, he seemingly does not focus on golf, at least the way someone who wants to win should be. Now granted, he may be more than content with his situation in life and that burning desire to work your butt off is just no longer relevant. Perhaps it's just me but I just hate to see anyone with talent for the game, at the highest level, just mosey on down the road with that "oh well" attitude. Another big time player also comes to mind, but he had other serious demons to contend with, but that's another story. I have to agree with Butch Harmon's assessment - Pro golfer or Kardashian..........
  11. Honestly, it's a big to do about nothing. Name past winning golfers going for big money, that will not stay afloat for any real amount of time. It's all about the money, regardless of which tour they play. For the real playing fans of the game, there's only 4 tournaments that mean anything in the world of golf and we all know what they are. For those players that willingly give up the chance to compete in those, for the sake of the almighty dollar, just boggles the mind.
  12. Hdcp's unfair?......I would imagine on how someone inputs their score. Apparently there's a difference between just posting a total score and posting a hole by hole score............
  13. The natural state of a golf course is the sounds of nature...a brook babbling, a bird singing, the wind in the trees I'm pretty sure you left out the "son of a" - dammmmmmm - No don't go there - Oh sxxt - Really!! - you got to be kidding - that was a crock of horse sxxt - hey! shut the you know what up - UGGGHHH!! - Yeah go OB see if I care!!!
  14. Giga Golf has a new iron offering and i'll try to get some info for reviewing. I've played their clubs and they are good sticks at very affordable prices, plus great CS. Just thought I'd let you guys know these are now available.
  15. Wanting to play, but have a groin area hernia and afraid of making it worse. My thinking is that if I play, cause I'm going nuts not playing, is that if I just hit punch shots instead of a full out follow thru, that should decrease the amount of strain on the area. Anybody care to offer pros/con on the subject...........
  16. Have to agree with the senior player focus. I've played with Tour Edge stuff and it's just as good as the big names, plus it's hard to beat their warranty. I think if they could get 1 or 2 regular tour up and comers to showcase the brand, it could change the landscape for them.
  17. I'm kind of in the same boat, age and health problems. I've switched on and off for the last couple of years between all irons and adding a couple of hybrids into the mix. I have since come to conclusion that playing an all hybrid set has more benefits than an iron set. With the irons, hitting down on the ball and taking divots would jar my back and wrists. Now with groin issues (hernia), I haven't played for the last 3 weeks because I'm trying not to impact that area prior to surgery. I realize folks can play with a hernia, but the way my luck runs, better not tempt fate. Anyway, back to clubs........Playing hybrids allows my swing to not dig down at the ball as much or at all compared to the irons. The times I've played with the mix of irons and hybrids, the hybrids felt much better and produced the shots I was looking for. I have never laid the sod over with a hybrid. I just ordered the Orlimars and with their slightly stronger than normal lofts (7 is 30*), they should offer some distance gains. I also looked at the Forgan Golf hybrid set, but looking down at a PW the size of a FW was kind of a turn off, but their lofts were the same as the Orlimars. Just my 2 cents on the subject, hope you find what's best for you........
  18. With a life time just about at 80 yrs, I've had more than my share of watching and having my fellow man do things that only can be described as cheating/dishonest. I'm afraid if push came to shove, I'd have to side with Riverboat on his position on human nature. This may sound somewhat contradictory, but I believe and have seen enough to also state that there is a lot of good and honest folks rooming around, but they just don't get the press that the bad guys do. Now not to get overly sanctimonious, but in the long run, those that fall on the wrong side will eventually have karma visit of some sort. As for the game of golf and playing with folks that cheat, well the game itself is a solitary endeavor and I can just enjoy the game for what it gives to me. As long as I'm not playing for cash, even a dollar a side, I don't really care what another does with their game. Eventually they will be labeled for their actions and most folks will avoid interaction.
  19. Any one playing an all hybrid iron set?...........The idea seems appealing, but what if any would the non benefits be..............
  20. Good advice so far, but a lot depends on if you are walking or riding for 36. If you are walking, then I would start a cardio workout right now. It is imperative to have better than "good" stamina to do a 36 hole marathon.
  21. While I'm in the same camp as Big Stu, after watching the video I went Hmmmm!! Offer up what you feel after watching if you like.
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