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  1. I just got a Cleveland TFI 2135 8 CB putter at 35" this offseason - thing is pretty darn heavy. According to the specs, the head weighs 405g and the grip 148g. Haven't tried it on the greens yet as the courses aren't open, and I'll be comparing it to my current Versa 9, but just on a mat it seems very very stable. It does however feel completely different to anything I've tried before in terms of weight and the way you swing it - I feel it completely neutralizes any movement in my hands/wrists and I can get a nice constant stroke.
  2. I always walk when I can, and I carry. But I mainly use a Ping Moonlite to carry all 14 of my clubs and gear. I usually carry a couple of pieces of fruit, and a 750ml water bottle, which I'll fill up at the turn at 9. All my clubs have graphite shafts so that saves a wee bit on the weight, but not much. Wife says that if I want to keep playing golf, I should walk and carry, and she'll buy me a push cart as my 50 year bday present . As a caveat, I don't play much, maybe get 15 18-hole rounds, and about 20 9-hole short course rounds during our season (Mid May - End of Sept), so it's n
  3. As the previous post - golf is such a game of feel, that the data algorithms might give you a start point or help you narrow down your choices, but ultimately it is what the golfer feels out on the course that matters. And then, you have a whole bunch of variables that cannot be simulated on the launch monitors that you experience on the course that can (and will) throw even the best fit clubs into the wind (pun intended). If you look at the pro's who have honed their swing and feel to such a level, yet you see them being so fickle about clubs and shafts and what have you (Rickies Rev33s
  4. I have a 50, 56, and 58 wedge setup. This is purely based on my comfort zone of playing shots from 100yds and in and the type of shot I'm trying to hit. The 50 is probably the only one I might hit a full swing to try to eke out as much distance as I can from it if the need arises and my PW (45) might be too strong e.g. when it's windy. The 50 and 56 cover pretty much everything except for around the green, where I'll use the 58 if I absolutely have to. Contemplating taking the 58 out on some courses, and replacing it with a driving iron or another hybrid. I try to simplify the bottom end of th
  5. Greetings from Trondheim, Norway. Been lurking for a while, and so decided to see if I could join in on the fun. Full disclaimer - also a member of the other site forum (named after my favorite Subaru model ;-)). How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Was taught the game almost 30 years ago, but had a 10 year break when I moved to Europe for the first time and found it wasn't as accessible as I had hoped. I currently hold a 9.8 hcp based on the new system (had two brilliant rounds in 2020), but generally shoot in the 80's. Have broken 80 on
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