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  1. For those who can't seem to find the right shaft I would look at Monark Golf. They have off brand graphite shafts of good quality in the $25 to $35 range. Plus older brand name shafts from Talyormade, etc. For years I couldn't hit any fairway wood consistently so I played a 2 or 3 iron off the tee. However, since I got back into golf I have started building my clubs and have found that I am very particular about my shafts for my woods (I like them a little heavy) as well as the shape of the head and how they set up. After researching a lot I decided to try a 7 wood, a 99 Big Bertha and I hit it great. I tried the same model 4 wood but it was a little too small to hit consistently so picked up an off brand 4 wood. I have also tried various hybrids to replace my 4 iron but I hook them mostly, due to the offset face. For that reason I'm going to build a shortened BB 9 wood so that I keep 15 yard gaps between my 9, 7 and 4.
  2. Nice setup! I'm also tinkering around and walk too so am looking to have a minimalist set of 11 clubs with 15 yd. gaps between the woods/hybrids and 10 for the irons. I play DCI990B's as I prefer small cast cb's or blades with some forgiveness.
  3. I've always liked watching John Daly highlights and swing and I wish him all the best!
  4. I lift weights frequently due to back issues with a focus on the lower body (front squats, power cleans, lunges) etc. I have also learned that just loading my right side sufficiently increases my clubhead speed by 10 mph according to my golf radar. It was Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer and watching Tiger Woods that convinced me to change my swing in the 90's. I started hitting soft balls and it has been hit an miss but I did get to a single digit with poor arm and hand mechanics just by focusing on my alignment and weight shift. I had me speed measured at close to 130. I have an extended driver that I think I can reach 125, again with a focus on the weight shift but with better mechanics. I am 56. Speaking of gaining speed, I saw a 3 mph per inch increase of shaft length for those interested.
  5. I'm 5'6" and use standard length shafts. Due to lower back inflexibility the shorter the shaft the less clubhead speed I can manage. I also have problems with mechanics as well so I don't have a lot of accuracy, especially with half swings like with the wedges. I recently dropped my 4 iron for a 4 hybrid because I can make a much more comfortable swing with longer clubs, ie get my weight on my right side which lets me generate easy clubhead speed and better accuracy. I am am still putting together my gamer set but hope to be a single digit hc w/in the year. My strategy will be hitting it long off the tee and hope I can hit a short iron or wedge close enough to make a putt or two.
  6. Because I'm on a budget with two daughters in the university and one in a private h.s. I buy component and used clubs. I recently bought a component 4 wood head, and 4 hybrid and shafts from Monark to add to my 7 wood. I also picked up a decent Ping O-blade for $25 on ebay. I am building a long driver that I had sitting around and hope to get to 125 mph to use on a few holes on my home course. The rest of the time my 4 wood will be my tee off club.
  7. I am a mid hc with aspirations to be a single one day and I have always played small cb or blades. Honestly, from the 28 deg. on up I don't see a lot of difference in forgiveness, then again I don't try to hit my irons very far. I do have a problem hooking and the blades with little offset help that to a great deal. Also, I recently switched to some old Titleist P990B's because I feel like so much toe weight on my other newer blades caused me problems getting the clubface open enough at the top, which worsens my tendency to hook. I think this is probably one of the reasons why pros prefer to have the cg closer to the hosel at least in the wedges, it makes pitches much easier.
  8. I have a working man's version of a mini, a 2 wood (98 Big Bertha). I have never driven it so straight and it doesn't go as high as I thought it would so it has a little run. It's plenty long for my homes course at 6100 yards. I am building a 48" driver for our two par 5's and two par 4's that I can go for w/o losing a ball.
  9. I have small hands and poor shoulder flexibility because of lifting weights so I feel I am limited to std. grips as larger grips don't seem to allow my to get my hands in a good connected position. I quit using gloves because I wore them out and switched to Golf Pride Tour Wraps because they are easy on the hands. My brother plays oversize grips and swings with a lot of power. I believe some golfer's technique is not determined by the grip size, while to others it can mean everything.
  10. I don't live in the US and also am on a limited budget (with one daughter in college and another one on the way) so I buy component clubs or used. Nonetheless, at my age the advantage generally is we are more honest with ourselves about our capabilities so that helps. I once was a high single digit and hope to return. My strength was my length and accuracy off the tee, and my weakness my short irons. However, I believe I am close to understanding my "good" swing enough to make it work for my short irons. I also believe the DCI 990B's will also help me with my hook and hit the ball higher and more consistently with my short irons. I already have the DCI LW and I have never hit a short iron so well. I believe it's due to most of the weight near the hosel.
  11. No I don't. But I can assure you that I swing well within myself with my irons for accuracy. I can reach over 110 with my driver and the 9 iron in my old set I only planned on hitting 142 yards. My "new" iron set DCI 990B are at least a half club shorter my 9 iron should go 136 with and easy swing. From what I've seen the higher h.c.'s trying to hit their 9 iron 165 more or less.
  12. I am a mid hc (but hope to be single digit w/in the year) and my approaches aren't short generally unless I'm between clubs and mishit it, but I also have the tendency to take too much club and be long. However, I'm 56 and learned after many years that the purpose of irons is to hit them a certain distance as opposed to seeing how far I can hit them. If I posted my iron distances I expect many would think I am a short hitter, but it's just that I swing at 80% plus I have irons with high lofts because I want to hit the ball high. My nephew is a single digit hc'er and plays strong gi irons which honestly I don't understand. For example his 8 iron and my 5 iron go the same distance, yet I doubt he can out drive me by more than 30-35 yards consistently.
  13. I am sorry for your loss. God understands how people can get into this situation so I'm sure you'll seen him one day again.
  14. I am making the shift to '99 Titleist DCI 990B's. I recently tried a DCI LW and was surprised how light it felt even thought it was much heavier than my component blade so it was easy to get the clubface open for my handsy swing. I ebelieve its because the cg is close to the hosel. Since I hook the ball I figured it was worth a try at $120 on ebay 5-PW. I read they play like a blade and are pretty soft too. I also read they don't hit the ball too high but I feel like since they have little offset and the cg near the hosel I should be able to get the club open more at the top and hit the ball higher. If not I'll change the DG S300 to FST115's.
  15. Greeting. I returned to golf last year after a break of almost 10 years. I live in the Dominican Republic. I build my own clubs from Monark and Hireko golf and am still getting a set together after almost a year of trying various types of setups. I like discussing swing theory to help me understand how to repeat my best swings mostly, which is not bad I believe but consistency has always been my nemesis. I'm 55 and used to swing for the fences and hit the ball pretty far for a small guy but now am trying to work on consistency and efficiency in order to no hurt my problematic back.
  16. I put together my own clubs and buy my components mostly from Hireko and Monark Golf. I play a small cast blade Acer Tour XV with little offset that I really like. In fact they are the best hitting irons I have ever had. I have a Maltby LW which I really like too because it is small like my blades and I picked it up for $15 on ebay with the grooves in great shape. I have a Modeo 5 wood which seems to be good for around 220 normally and it's easy to hit from the fairway. I'm going to pick up a 4h to round out my set. I play cheap Apollo lightweight shafts that kick like DG S300's and I love them probably because at 20g lighter I feel the clubhead a lot better.
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