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  1. Greeting. I returned to golf last year after a break of almost 10 years. I live in the Dominican Republic. I build my own clubs from Monark and Hireko golf and am still getting a set together after almost a year of trying various types of setups. I like discussing swing theory to help me understand how to repeat my best swings mostly, which is not bad I believe but consistency has always been my nemesis. I'm 55 and used to swing for the fences and hit the ball pretty far for a small guy but now am trying to work on consistency and efficiency in order to no hurt my problematic ba
  2. I put together my own clubs and buy my components mostly from Hireko and Monark Golf. I play a small cast blade Acer Tour XV with little offset that I really like. In fact they are the best hitting irons I have ever had. I have a Maltby LW which I really like too because it is small like my blades and I picked it up for $15 on ebay with the grooves in great shape. I have a Modeo 5 wood which seems to be good for around 220 normally and it's easy to hit from the fairway. I'm going to pick up a 4h to round out my set. I play cheap Apollo lightweight shafts that kick like DG S300's and I love th
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