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  1. Thank you fellow golf nuts and players alike. I think most of us would want to play with the ideal equipment suited our unique swing. We just do not want to go around in circles and ending up in the same place or worse off, right? Could anyone shed light on how to determine the best length of irons? I feel like the 1/4" or 1/2 " +/- is pretty conservative. It was recently recommended for me to cut 2 Full inches off my irons. (which are 1/8 + btw) I believe my wrist to floor is 32.5" but this can't be the sole determining factor? Any guidance on other good metrics to compare to arrive at the best answer? thank you, Robbie long arms-
  2. Curious if you know your release point? Guessing about a mid release guy? Also searching for answers and so far i have learned that i release the club too early to take advantage of a longer driver shaft. Nice work getting the 44 up to 100 though! Hit it flush.
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