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  1. I'm very curious about these as well. Seems like one of the few hybrids that are really trying to be pure iron replacements in terms of similar length, shaft options, head weight, etc. I'm wondering about playing the 4 (20 degree) as the equivalent of a 3 iron to slot in above the 4 iron (22 degree) in my set of MP-18 MMCs. I hit that 4i well enough with a decent ball flight at ~190. With whatever club speed that indicates I'm at the point of diminishing returns though, and there's no way a true 3i would make sense. Higher launch, some forgiveness and a better option out of the rough would be great. I've been playing a Cobra F8 19 degree hybrid in this spot but it's always felt closer to a fairway with the significantly lighter weight and longer length. I really like something that feels closer to an iron... with benefits. Next club up is a Cobra F8 3-4W that is good for ~225. Next question is... How would I spec it? My MP-18 MMC 4i is 38-¾ (Mizuno measurement technique, actual measurement is closer to 39), standard loft (22) and the lie is 62 (2 upright for Mizuno) with a KBS C-Taper Lite in Stiff. I'd do the same shaft for consistency. Also, first post here at MGS. I've lurked a bit and have been very impressed with the quality of posts here in the forums.
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