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  1. I'll save the preamble and get right down to it. I have a TM M6 driver (9.0) in excellent shape (pics on request) and I dont really love it. I was thinking about selling it, but after the Driver survey today I had a thought -- maybe there's someone else out there who also has a driver they aren't in love with and might be interested in a trade. It could be for the club head only, or for the the whole shebang (I have 2 shafts for it - Kuro Kage Black 50 S and Graffaloy ProLaunch Supercharged Blue 65S of which you could have your pick (hell you could have both)). Anyone have an Epic Flash they dont love and want to try the M6? G400 or 410? TS 3 or 4? Like I said, just a thought. If anyone else gets bored easily like I do and want to try something new, give me a shout Quote TaylorMade M6 KuroKage Black HBP 60S TaylorMade RBZ Tour 14.5 - KuroKage Black HBP 70S Cobra AMP 17 Degree Aldila RIP 70S Adams Boxer 20 degree MCA Javln 80S (ol' reliable) Callaway Steelhead XR 5-AW KBS Tour 90 Vokey 56/10 S & 60/11 K Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT 10.5 CS
  2. Im in the market for a new set of irons and the F9 Speedbacks are in my top 3 right now. Problem is I cant find any to hit. That isnt a dealbreaker for me. My main concern is the width of the soles on the irons. I know they have a funky sole so the turf interaction is better but once upon a time I had a set of Slingshots and being able to see so much of the back of the club at address was something I just could not get over. I have not been able to find any good pics online of these clubs from an address position to see what the top down view of the club is, and thats what has me leaning toward the G400s or M4s right now (Im moving on from my Steelhead XRs because...Im bored) Anyhow, is there any way you could post a pic of the top down view of the 5 or 6 iron? From a tech and appearnce standpoint, these things check all my boxes and Id be highly interested, but I ned to see the address view to make a decision thank you! And good luck with the sale whether to me or another lucky buyer
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