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  1. Ended up ordering two clubs from sub70 that just got in today. Can’t wait for the weather to break so I can put them in action, 639 cb 9 iron and a jb 56 wedge both an inch over and 2 degrees upright. Great customer experience
  2. I played a set of Cleveland CG16s for 10 years, five of them avidly (my first five), and five years after kids maybe one to three rounds a year. Two weeks ago my father in law lent me his old Wilson pI5s and I am a big fan but they aren’t a long term solution. They are standard length and not mine to adjust. He is a scratch golfer and after our round on Sunday thinks my next set should be some form of player irons. What forged irons from the last five years or so should I be looking at? I don’t need extra distance and want to feel mishits, I’m at the range more than the course currently and
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