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  1. I'd be willing to bet that most higher swing speed players would be better off doing the same. My average driver (9*) carry and total distance is not much more than my average 3W (14.5*) carry and total distance because of much higher consistency of strike with 3W. The enjoyment I get out of flushing a driver though is worth it to keep in the bag. If my short-game was good enough to utilize a fifth wedge (currently carry 46, 50, 54, 60) I would consider getting rid of my driver and just carry 3W and 18/19* DI at the top of the bag. I just don't think I have the hands to manufacture different shots that make a fifth wedge beneficial. The guys I play with the most score in the 90s with multiple mulligans and foot-wedges each round and I definitely think they would benefit from losing the driver and just hitting a more reliable club to get in the fairway. They live for the 210-220y straight drive they get once a round though... even though that means the other 13 drives OB or chunked/topped <100 yards.
  2. Played with a DI/Utility for the first time this season. Started with the Exotics CBX Iron-Wood 19* with the stock hzrdus black 6.0 85g shaft. Absolutely loved it other than the ball flight being a touch high on stock shots. It was very workable though and I could hit it high and low (but not super low) when needed. Easy to draw/fade on command as well. During the season I sold the Iron-wood and switched to the 2017 P790 2 iron and then to the SIM UDI 2 iron. Both flew lower, but seemed less workable in terms of high shots and draw/fades. I finished out the season with a Epic Flash hybrid because I needed something to stick on greens from 230-240 and neither the P790 or SIM UDI were doing it for me (and I couldn't find any Iron-Woods for sale). Problem with the epic flash hybrid (and hybrids in general for me) is the left-miss. I found myself purposefully having to try to hit fades just to keep it straight. Been reading about the Srixon ZXU and saw it won the most wanted Utility 2021 title. Sadly the Exotics CBX Iron-Wood has never been reviewed by MGS. Independent golf reviews has reviewed both the ZXU and the iron-wood though and their flightscope numbers are very similar except for the higher ballspeed with the Iron-Wood. Has anyone else gamed the Iron-Wood utility? Still gaming it? https://www.independentgolfreviews.com/srixon-zx-utility-iron/ https://www.independentgolfreviews.com/tour-edge-exotics-cbx-iron-wood/
  3. Thanks! Definitely will do that!
  4. Awesome thanks a lot! Great thanks for the info! It makes sense to me to get fitted for clubs, but also I'm not sure I trust the fitting for irons from just hitting a dozen or so balls with a 6 iron. Going to buy the recommended clubs and see how it goes with the rest of the irons in the set I guess.
  5. Got fitted recently and the JPX 921 forged with Project X chrome 6.0 shafts were the winner. Current irons are 690.CBs that I purchased new and have probably over 500 rounds with. After the fitting I did more research on the JPX 921s and I guess they're in the "players distance" category, which I didn't even know was a thing. My previous understand of game improvement type irons is that the major downside, other than aesthetics, is less control on distance (not just workability). Is this likely to be a problem with the JPX 921s? Also, if game improvement irons are supposed to make your misses less-bad, why would there be such a big issue with distance control compared to a players iron (i.e. shouldn't a pure strike and a miss-hit have more similar results compared to the same situation with a blade)? Thanks for any input.
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