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  1. Thanks! Definitely will do that!
  2. Awesome thanks a lot! Great thanks for the info! It makes sense to me to get fitted for clubs, but also I'm not sure I trust the fitting for irons from just hitting a dozen or so balls with a 6 iron. Going to buy the recommended clubs and see how it goes with the rest of the irons in the set I guess.
  3. Got fitted recently and the JPX 921 forged with Project X chrome 6.0 shafts were the winner. Current irons are 690.CBs that I purchased new and have probably over 500 rounds with. After the fitting I did more research on the JPX 921s and I guess they're in the "players distance" category, which I didn't even know was a thing. My previous understand of game improvement type irons is that the major downside, other than aesthetics, is less control on distance (not just workability). Is this likely to be a problem with the JPX 921s? Also, if game improvement irons are supposed to make your mi
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