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  1. I am looking for a Spider Blade 32 , preferably in 35 length. May be open to any condition as I hope to get one of these refinished. Thanks
  2. Yes I noticed that, my observations on distance are minimal at best. The biggest difference I noticed was in regard to feel. Especially off a putter without an insert, they fell/sound like 2 totally different balls. Not knocking either one as they both perform.
  3. Has anyone else noticed a difference in the MTB-X white versus optic yellow? I have been playing them side by side along with the MTB Black in both colors as well. Seems to me the MTB-X in white is a bit firmer off all clubs and may fly a couple yards longer off the driver versus the MTB-X in yellow. Seems to me the MTB-X in yellow plays more closely to the MTB Black, just an overall softer feel.
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