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  1. 2 hours ago, jscho said:

    I think if you look back in the comments here someone was saying that they are seeing more ball speed with the yellow over the white, but that contradicts what you are seeing.

    Yes I noticed that, my observations on distance are minimal at best. The biggest difference I noticed was in regard to feel. Especially off a putter without an insert, they fell/sound like 2 totally different balls. Not knocking either one as they both perform. 

  2. Has anyone else noticed a difference in the MTB-X white versus optic yellow? I have been playing them side by side along with the MTB Black in both colors as well. Seems to me the MTB-X in white is a bit firmer off all clubs and may fly a couple yards longer off the driver versus the MTB-X in yellow. Seems to me the MTB-X in yellow plays more closely to the MTB Black, just an overall softer feel. 

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