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  1. In for Aug. My club has our "senior" club championship over the Sept dates <I bet more than a few might have same Sept conflict>. Since I'm a snorer I'd lean toward a solo room/hotel out of courtesy. Can I book the stl-dc flight now? <just moved from DC metro so it'd be fun to go back and see old gang on shoulder of trip>
  2. Played Caladonia and True Blue fall of 2020. At Caladonia you have to catch it while the greens are fast to get a true sense of the course. Move up a set of tees at True Blue if you ask me. Play on a calm day. Felt Dunes was great but a tad over rated. Grand Dunes is a great resort course. Wide open, great condition and you can pick a yardage with 7 (?) Sets of tees. Wife loved it. Few forced carries. TPC myrtle was in great shape and a ton of fun for me... Have fun...
  3. Since you do have access to LM's <and at 400k I'm assuming a Gears 3d system> i would spend a session <or two> and work on recreating the miss. Try to hit dead straight pulls. Try to hit your pull hook. What are your numbers? What does the video show? I would argue <maybe it is just symantics> that if your path is 2°- 4.5° out to in that you don't want an open face. Ideally your face would be 0°-2° closed <to target>It would be open to path 1-2° for that nice baby fade. If you're 1-2° open to target with a 2-4° out to in path you're not hitting a fade. At best its a push-slice. Id also use the best $5 aid out there. Footspray on the Club-face. When you do hit one of those pulls/pull hooks are you catching the toe? Low on the face?
  4. M. Mikasa spends a lot of time comparing golf and baseball swings and uses the analogy of the club-face being the bat. Check out his videos on YouTube for a start. I'd hop on your friendly neighborhood launch monitor <that shows face and path> and recreate the shots. Be sure to use some alignment aids too... A straight pull means <assuming a center face hit> your path and face are aligned. <say 4° out-to-in path and 4° closed path. Where does your "stock" fade start? If it starts truly left of target and comes to center <let's say path is 4° out-to-in and face is 2° closed> then your pull is coming, most likely, from closing the face to much <4 and 4>. If your fade is one that starts center/a tad left and drops to the right <say face is 2° open but path is zero > your path is probably causing issue. Sans a launch monitor go to the range and see if you can do Johnny Millers 9 shot shape warm up. <google it>. Try to hit a draw/ fade/ then pull/push then snap left/banana right. What did you change to make those shots happen? What feels like your miss on course? There's your correction.
  5. Keith Garvin Washington D.C. ipad pro 4th Gen (11 inch). I'll be hitting mostly outdoors into net. I have a flightscope Xi tour+ so I could provide data comparisons. My club/range is 7 minutes away and they are use to me setting up a LM so I can hit there also. I have an indoor setup but do to 9 1/2 ceiling i tend to leave the driver in the bag unless I'm playing a simulated course (E6 and TGC subscriptions). Thank you for your consideration.
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