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  1. I use both, well the phone also so thres! Bushnell phantom for $79 US during black friday deal, and a blue tees range finder. Hole19 app on phone. I clip the phantom to my cart strap on my push cart. It has a belt clp with magnet, it also sticks to the driving cart as well if i'm in one of those. The range finder has slope so it helps a ton on hilly courses which we have here. The phantom doesn't give that. The range finder is also great for practice. I think I paid $250 for both devices. Not bad.
  2. I am, although this post is a couple years old. if you're still around the area let me know
  3. For arccos users, has anyone had problems with grip sensors dying alot? not the screw in ones but the actual embedded in the grip sensors? thanks
  4. I play xstiff in irons, stiff in everything else. hybrids, wedges, fairway, driver
  5. I was disappointed in the fact that there were no OEM's avail. I've read reviews as well that if you order a driver and are buying a upgrade shaft, the oem that comes with it to them is not given to you either. you only get the head and upgraded shaft. I understand the business side, but it's not for me.
  6. I just went to CC for a putter fitting this last Saturday. The first thing the fitter said was "So you're looking for a new putter". I said Nope, just want to get this one fitted to see if any changes need to be made. We were off and running. Recommendations were made, he adjusted the lie angle at no additional charge, and I learned i needed to add 1 inch to my putter which they did right there while I waited and it was $15. The fitting made a difference on putter strike etc. Of course that won't help my green reading LOL but at least I'll be consistent. All and all a great experience for me a
  7. I installed the standard MCC plus4's on everything, I noticed an improvement with them. I was playing the regular mcc's for a lot of years prior to these. I picked up a few yards with them, and since I was already playing the grip is wasn't a big stretch to try them out.
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